The Trend Edit

Metallic Moments

Metallic trends and finishes are just as popular as ever, however, we’re starting to see them used in a bolder manner, with more confident combinations of shades creating an unusual, yet striking effect.

Chrome and silver have reigned supreme in recent years, but the addition of warmer tones, such as copper and gold can really complement the effect. Our industrial gold and silver tiles look incredible when used in tandem with one another, creating a beautiful mosaic effect.

The industrial look has continued to rise this year, untreated woods, matt blacks and mixed metals all combining to create a stripped back style that works. Our industrial iron tiles are a perfect example of how metals can be introduced to interior design to achieve this look.

Statement metals

There’s a number of ways to introduce a more subtle, yet still effective metallic element, such as mixed mosaics that include glass and natural stone as part of their stunning tapestry.

Statement metals afford your home a rich, deep and unique style that can be introduced to a number of surfaces, from striking splashbacks to structured walls.