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Marble Makeover

A darker, reversed take on traditionally light hued marble trends, such as the one in Magic Marble. The shadowy characteristic adds a real sense of depth to a room.

Fusing variations of deep grey marbles can radiate indulgence, creating a relaxing spa-like aesthetic, perfect for a bathroom. These distinctly veined marbles are both bold and elegant and look and you don’t have to choose, they’re the perfect partner to the gentler Carrara.

HD Medal range

Our HD Medal range is most at home when complemented by lighter shades, especially whites and creams. A symphony of class created using cutting edge HD technology.

The addition of dark metalwork updates the marble style and brings it in line with the industrial aesthetic that continues to grow in popularity. For a truly bold statement and darker hue, our Elgin Marbles Black tiles are just that.

Modern taps and shower fittings complete the look, complementing the edgy interior design perfectly. Reminiscent of New York brownstone with timeless interiors that emit strength and stability.

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