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Metro tiles love contemporary looks and spaces. Put a twist on the classic brickwork aesthetic by laying the metro tiles vertically or diagonally and make them pop with a coloured grout.

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Where to use metro tiles

Metro wall tiles, also known as subway tiles, are one of the most popular tile choices around, and with good reason, too. 

Their timeless yet stylish appeal and easy-to-maintain qualities make them ideal for numerous rooms in the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom

You can choose from a variety of metro tile laying patterns to suit your style and even create a metro feature wall behind a freestanding bath or fireplace. The choice is yours!

Metro tile sizes

Metro tiles come in a variety of sizes, so depending on the style you want and the requirements of your space, one size might be preferable over another. 

The classic metro look can easily be created with a 100mm x 200mm tile. Not too big or too small, it’s easy to lay and to keep clean making it a great choice for your metro kitchen tiles. 

When it comes to smaller areas, such as a splashback or a fireplace, you might want to consider using mini metro tiles instead. At 75mm x 150mm, it offers a more intricate metro design without dwarfing the area around it. 

If you love a statement look, oversized large metro tiles are the one for you. Our V&A Metro Range at 148mm x 498m comes in a choice of stylish colours guaranteed to catch the eye. 

Choosing between matt or gloss

Both a matt and gloss metro tiles can have a big impact on the overall finish of your interior. Depending on your style preference, each offers a unique look and feel – but both are equally stunning. 

Matt metro tiles are perfect for industrial themed interiors where a less polished finished is required. Offering a more modern style, the matt metro is ideal for kitchen splashbacks and walls. 

For a more traditional look and feel, you might want to consider gloss instead with its highly polished finish. We love the look of gloss when they’re used with simple interiors or as bathroom metro tiles. 

Bevelled or flat?

The metro started out as a flat tile used predominantly in underground stations. These days, metro tiles are in high demand with more shapes, sizes, and colours on offer than ever before.

Flat metro tiles are considered edgier when it comes to design and are best suited to industrial and rustic interiors. If you’re feeling brave, go for coloured and black grout to create a style statement. 

If you’re looking for something more homely, bevelled metro tiles provide a much softer finish, especially when combined with white and gloss.

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