How To Use Patchwork Tiles

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The patchwork tiles look is one for the stylish eccentrics out there! It’s perfect for those who like to rip up the rulebook and create something truly unique that often can’t be replicated. It’s all about choices, and here are the ones you need to make to create your own patchwork effect:

  1. Choose Your Style

  2. There are varying degrees by which a patchwork effect can be achieved, you can go as subtle or as ‘in your face’ as you like with this style! For a more convenient and utterly stylish option, there’s a number of ranges that have been designed to achieve the effect, our Ted Baker GeoTile, for example, comes in 12 geometric designs that you can organise to your heart’s content!

    For a truly patchwork effect, you might want to step outside of just one range and seek tiles that look great together from other collections. Experiment with different shapes and sizes of tile, don’t worry too much about aligning the axis, the gentle irregularity adds to the overall effect! Geometric styles work amazingly together, but can also look great combined with softer, or on occasion even floral prints.

  3. Pick Your Colour Palette

  4. We’ve seen now how monochrome and single tones can work great for patchwork tiles, but what about a bit of colour? It’s best to be brave with your choices when putting a colourful patchwork look together, think strong, contrasting colours. Our Parian Coloured Decors perfectly embody this spirit, effortlessly stylish and undeniably eye catching. However, for a more muted palette, there’s also a grey option, perfect for a more understated and uniformed aesthetic.

  5. Choose Your Room

  6. So, you’ve got your style and you’ve picked your colour palette. The next step is to decide which room you’re going to adorn your beautiful patchwork piece of art in. This bit is actually the easiest, there’s no wrong answers! This look is so versatile, that with the right creative touch it can look fantastic in any room of the home. We commonly see it used in bathrooms and kitchens to great effects, but we’ve also seen stunning living rooms and bedrooms using patchwork tiles to great effect.

  7. Choose Your Order

  8. We would always recommend a dry run when using patchwork tiles, make sure you’ve really organised their placements before you start affixing with adhesive. One way to do this is to make placement notes in pencil on the back of the tile once you’re happy with the order.

    Time to start tiling? Consult our How to Tile section for some helpful advice and guidance!

    7 Top Tips for Patchwork Tiles
    • Be experimental! This is an opportunity to be creative
    • Always plan your design before making them permanent
    • Don’t feel the need to keep lines straight and aligned on the horizontal and vertical axis
    • Build your picture from the bottom upwards
    • Combine shapes and sizes for a really striking effect
    • Carry the look through on both walls and floors
    • Don’t be held to just one range, try mixing plain tiles with feature tiles of similar or contrasting colour palettes