How to Use Geometric Tiles

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Geometric tiles are fast becoming an interior design favourite with their intricate patterns and simple, clean lines. The great thing about using geometric pattern tiles in the home is that there’s so many ways to use them, it’s a really versatile design choice! It’s an opportunity to be really creative and express your individuality. Geometric tiles can come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes and finishes. Here are some of our favourite ways to make the best use of them:

Let’s talk about hex, baby…

Hexagon shaped tiles are geometric style personified. Often simple and understated, the real creative element comes when you mix shades to create striking effects. Blacks, greys and whites work well together, combine them to create a uniformed pattern, or mix them up and do something unique!

However, if you want to achieve the hexagon look, without using hexagon shaped geometric tiles, then you can! Why not try a hexagon mosaic to add a little geometry into your room’s style? Or perhaps a little 3D number, such as our Function and Form hex range.

Make the most of geometric pattern tiles

The term geometric tiles doesn’t strictly apply to geometric shapes, there are many tile options that simply use geometric patterns. Geometric pattern tiles use clever design to give a geometric appearance when using normal squared or rectangular tiles. Arrange them in a symmetrical fashion or throw out the rule book altogether and create a patchwork geometric effect, like the one easily achieved with our Ted Baker GeoTile.

Make use of the 5th wall with geometric floor tiles

One of our absolute favourite ways to use geometric tiles is on floors, which are often overlooked in favour of plainer options. British Ceramic Tile are championing floors as the 5th wall and encouraging people to make the most of the space. Geometric floor tiles not only look stunning, they can also make a room appear much larger. There are some stunning options available, just mind you don’t bump your head when you find yourself walking around with your eyes pointed firmly at the floor!

Or, why not have the best of both worlds with multi-use geometric tiles?

Many of the geometric tiles we discussed earlier are available in multi-use or matching floor and wall options, the Hex, Parian and GeoTile ranges all included. Those who want to make a bold statement can combine the look across walls and floors and take the trend to whole new levels.