Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer

This post is now over a year old, so certain aspects of this post may no longer be correct or relevant.

As the cold winter nights draw in, you may want to think about stylish options for adding warmth, comfort and style. The Winter Warmer trend features lots of soft textures and with the right lighting you can transform even a sleek, modern space into a comfortably warm winter escape.

In a contemporary room soften sleek modern pieces by adding textures of faux fur, mohair and wool cushions or rugs. Mix up textures and layer cushions for a sumptuous look. Textures are really important and help create a sense of luxury, as well as making the space inviting and relaxing. Lighting is also a key element in creating the right ambience for the right time of day.

‘soft warm colour shades, light brown, beige or ocher can be combined with rich wall paint and decor accessories in dark warm colours, if you like to add spectacular accents to your interior decorating and make a statement, while keeping winter decoration ideas feel comfortable and cozy.’ Lushhome

Those spending a little more time and money could add in an open fire or stove, which can create a real focal point and warm glowing feel to any room design. Stoves are versatile with interior design, meaning you can dress them up with a variety of looks.

Make your retreat from the outside world warm and comfortable, someone where you look forward to coming back to and unwinding.

Take a look at our favourite Winter Warmer interior looks:

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