Urban Jungle – Bringing the outside in…

Urban Jungle – Bringing the outside in…

Urban jungle or interior-scaping, whatever you call it, it’s the must-have trend for homes up and down the country. And who can blame us? If we can’t enjoy the great outdoors due to the whims of the British weather, we must bring the outside in. But, where to begin?

Oversized leafy plants

First and foremost, it’s time to up your plant game. Fear not if you’re a notorious house plant killer (we’ve all been there), there’s so many easy-to-maintain indoor plants to choose from that are perfect for this trend. Our favourites include Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Aloe Vera, and the fantastically-named Madagascar Dragon Tree. Don’t hold back when it comes to embracing greenery; more is definitely better when it comes to your urban jungle.

Image by @botanicalsbybella on Instagram

Moody tones with a pop of colour

Imagine you’re walking through a rainforest. There’s shades of green all around you, mixed with neutral tones from brown to beige, plus a pop of colour from vibrant tropical plants. Sounds idyllic, right? This is exactly what we’re going for in the home. Pick a light and airy room, choose your main colour base – our new Ted Baker Paradise tiles are a great starting point – and finish off with a bold accent colour: pink, yellow or orange will do perfectly!

Ted Baker Paradise Tile

Rustic, all-natural looking furniture

There really is nothing more iconic to the outdoors than wood itself. So, why not go for that truly rustic look with vintage wooden furniture? We’re talking chunky apothecary cabinets, retro school desks and upcycled coffee tables to complete the look. Alternatively, wicker or bamboo tables and chairs make a great choice, offering a lighter approach to your home’s furniture.

Image by @magicbabyvintage on Instagram

A touch of metallic

You might not expect it, but metallics are incredibly versatile when it comes to your home interior – even in an urban jungle! Silver and steel are perfect for those minimalist fans, whilst brass and gold are great for adding a touch of warmth and luxury. More often than not, you can use your DIY skills to add in metallics, saving you from splashing out on expensive decorative items. Cement plant pots dipped in metallic paints is one of our favourite interior hacks.

Image by Coral & Herb

It’s all in the detail…

The finishing touches can really set the tone for your home, and there’s so much to choose from when it comes to an urban jungle. If you’re a fan of ethnic styles, a neutral tribal rug would make a great addition. For extra comfort, tropical print soft furnishings in the form of cushions and throws would do nicely. Or, if you’re looking for wall art, a botanical print is both vintage and authentic.

Image by Vibeke Design

Whatever you go for, remember… you’re king of the jungle. Make it your own.

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