2015 TREND: Orange is the New Blue

2015 TREND: Orange is the New Blue

This post is now over a year old, so certain aspects of this post may no longer be correct or relevant.


Orange creates a sense of joy, and playfulness. It encourages social interaction and motivation. ‘Good natured and friendly, but with a tangy edge, this fun-loving colour invites a smile.’ Pantone predicted Tangerine to be the colour that will liven up your interiors in their 2015 trend.

Orange interiors first became a popular trend in the 1960’s, which was a time when everything became more dynamic, graphic and colourful. Life in the ’60s focused on self-expression; and home décor was the perfect opportunity for people to express their own individual statement. Similar colours were popular in previous eras, but it was the ’60s that were experimental by pumping them up to vibrant hues. House Beautiful predicts a palette of 60’s retro colours as a 2015 future trend.  The psychedelic colours and patterns were also dominating the fashion world, a time when flares and flower-power were the norm.



The use of orange in interior design is very versatile and can be used to create both traditional and contemporary looks in any room of your home. You may have the courage to use orange as the main wall or floor colour, or you might just decide to use it as an accent with colours from a complimenting palette; either way you will be sure to create an impressive, inspiring look. It’s all about choosing the correct orange hue to achieve the design and mood you require. Take a look at this Design Sheppard blog for advice and inspiration on choosing the perfect shade of orange for your home.

Here at House of British Ceramic Tile we have an exciting collection of orange tiles to get you involved in this tangy trend, you could experiment with the zesty colours from The Colour Compendium and Impact Glass or try a subtle look with our Mosaics Collection.


For more tangerine inspiration have a look at our Pinterest board.

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