Tiling – First Things First

Tiling – First Things First

Tiling is something that can be done at home without the help of a professional, particularly when using ceramic tiles. But to make sure you don’t end up having to call in the professionals to rescue your handy work, here’s our step by step guide to making your tiling project as straightforward as possible.


First things first, calculate your tile quantities accurately. There’s nothing worse than starting a job and running out of tiles half way through!

A top tip for making your calculations is to find out if your tiles have a batch number. If they do, you should always try to purchase tiles from the same batch as very slight variations in the product finish could occur between batches.

When calculating the tile quantity for a room that isn’t a square or rectangle, try splitting it into several straightforward shapes for more manageable calculations.

Try our tile calculator for a helping hand:

Tile Calculator

Top tip: Order a few extra tiles to allow for any damage during cutting or size miscalculations.

Grouts & adhesives

Getting the right product for your tiles is key, you don’t want to dedicate hours to a project only for it to start moving or not be waterproof, so make sure you’ve picked the right grout and adhesive for the tiles you’re using and the finish you need.


Grouts are available in a range of colours and should be chosen according to the job you’re working on and the look you desire. You can use a grout that compliments the design of your tiles, inkeeping with the over all look, or why not try a contrasting grout which works particularly well when you want the tile pattern to really stand out.

Fine joint grout

Specially developed for wall and floor tiles with joint widths up to 12mm, this grout works internally and externally in both wet and dry conditions. Suitable for use with natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Flexible grout

With excellent joint filling capacity, this grout is perfect for areas where vibration is likely. Suitable for natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Wide joint grout

This grout works best with tiles with joint widths of up to 20mm and offers exceptional coverage for water sensitive foundations and high traffic areas such as the kitchen and hallway. Suitable for natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Ready mixed grout

This is a ready-to-use grout supplied in metres squared quantities; check the application area for amounts needed.

Waterproof/anti-mould grout

These types of grout are perfect for bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens where tiles are exposed to high moisture levels.

Choosing the right adhesive

Adhesives have varied properties such as flexibility, grab and setting times, so make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for suitability so you select the right product for the job.

Standard set tile adhesive

A cemetitious wall and floor adhesive with extended workability. This is ideal for both interior and exterior applications where a quick setting time is not essential.

Epoxy based adhesive

Epoxy based or reaction resin based adhesives consist of a mixture of synthetic resin, mineral fillers and organic additives, which harden following a chemical reaction. These are normally supplied as two separate components, which react when mixed together to create the adhesive.

High Grab Acrylic Wall Tile Adhesive

This adhesive is ideal for a range of tiles including standard and large format, ceramic, porcelain, mosaics, glass and natural stone. However, when using larger format, non-porous tiles like porcelain and glass, expect a much longer drying time. Note: In these instances we’d recommend the use of a cementitious adhesive.

Highly flexible acrylic wall tile adhesive

This ready mixed wall adhesive is suitable for inside use but is a specially formulated, highly flexible water resistant paste suitable for areas that are regularly wet.

Rapid set flexible tile adhesive

This cemetitious tile adhesive is high strength and suitable for wall and floor as well as under floor heating. Ideal for natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles where exceptional bond and a rapid set is essential.

Rapid set tile adhesive

A cementitious wall and floor tile adhesive that sets quickly so is ideal for ceramic, mosaic and natural stone tiles.

Ready mixed acrylic wall tile adhesive

A ready mixed wall tile adhesive for use inside, it is ideal for fixing ceramic tiles and mosaics to most common substrates.

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