Tiles for every room in the home

Tiles for every room in the home

Traditionally tiles have been seen as a practical wall covering solution, primarily used in kitchens and bathrooms as they withstand heavy wear and tear and are easy to clean. But there are so many other ways that tiles can be used to create impact throughout the home, similar to wallpaper and paint, there's tiles for every room in the home, here are just a few:

If you fancy doing something a little different, why not think about using tiles in your bedroom or living room? Create pockets of interest with a tiled feature wall behind your bed, or frame your fireplace for an opulent design feature. Tiles are incredibly hardwearing so you don’t have to worry about any rips or marks and can be easily wiped clean. Once installed they will stand the rest of time and with so many design options now available you can create a stunning new look in your hallway or dining room with ease.

Top Tip: For an ultra modern look, go large as it can dramatically change the appearance of your room. Tile your hallway, open up living spaces or create an ultra-sleek bathroom design.

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