Tile stickers & tattoos: Refresh your kitchen tiles

Tile stickers & tattoos: Refresh your kitchen tiles

Redecorating your home can be a fun and therapeutic pursuit, but the time and costs that are sometimes involved make it a daunting project to undertake on a regular basis.

A complete re-tile is a treat that most will indulge only every few years, but what if you want to refresh your look more frequently?

Splashes of fresh paint, colourful textiles and statement accessories have long been used to give rooms a new look on a shoestring budget, and now there’s a new hack on the scene - the tile sticker.

Tile stickers give you the freedom to revamp your home quickly and easily, completely transforming your walls in the time it takes to peel and stick.

Introducing the tile sticker...

Tile stickers (or tile tattoos) are the most cost-effective way to spruce up your tiles without committing to a full scale renovation you’re not ready for.

And while they may not be real deal, they do a pretty good job of pretending.

They’re also a great way to put your own personality on a rented house or flat, where permanent alterations may be frowned upon by a landlord.

Simply apply your gorgeous tile pattern, enjoy your newly personalised kitchen, and when it’s time to move out?

Just peel them off and use your returned deposit to buy a new set of stickers that will transform your next house into a home.

So, what are they and how can you use them?

Made from vinyl, tile stickers are adhesive-backed decals that come in an abundance of different colours and patterns, making them great for reinventing your home with minimal costs and effort. They’re easy to apply and remove (should you change your mind), and most promise to be 100% waterproof – perfect for kitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls, tubs and showers!

Each tile tattoo comes as a separate sticker giving you complete creative license on how to arrange your new design.

You can play around with colours and patterns to create a design that is truly unique to you, giving you the power to really show some personality!

And if you’ve got a few spares left over, be sure to keep hold of them. They’re great for creating coasters or covering old pieces of furniture too.

And there you have it. The ultimate tile refresh with no fuss at all. 

5 ways to use Tile Tattoos:

Block Colours

Got a colour theme in mind? With block colour tile stickers you can cover the entirety of your wall  or opt for a creative pattern; checkered, diagonal, random… the choice is yours.

Credit: Stick Pretty

Go Regal

Sometimes it’s the little touches that make the biggest difference. For those wanting a subtle refresh, simple symbols and signs can do wonders for your tiles.

Credit: Not on the Hightstreet 


If modern styling is more your thing, geometric tile vinyls are the perfect choice. This eye-catching and on trend look will make a feature of your wall yet.

Credit: Mibo 


Mosaics never have to be fussy or difficult to install again. This design classic will look just like the real thing with the help of tile tattoos.

Credit: My Wall Stickers

Go European

Inspired by colourful European architecture? Go all out with a style your friends will be envy of by mixing and matching a variety of patterned tile stickers.

Credit: Moon Wall

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