The Pantone Hotel

The Pantone Hotel

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Welcome to The Pantone Hotel. Everybody loves a splash of colour in their lives and who better to aspire to than Pantone? We were very interested to read that the kings of colour have given you the chance to enjoy their colour expertise in their very own hotel that "invites you to experience the city of Brussels through a lens of colour and a spectrum of comforts." This article was originally from housebeautiful.

The colourful reception at the pantone hotel

Colour-lovers, prepare yourselves — this is your dream hotel. Located in Brussels, Belgium, the Pantone Hotel was designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaert and has 59 guest rooms with a bold colour scheme. Guests can choose between a large room, which features an LCD TV, luxurious beds, and free Wi-Fi, or an extra large room, which includes a balcony or terrace with amazing views of the city. And of course, there are plenty of Pantone-branded decor items that guests will come across, from folding chairs to mugs to artwork — all of these items and more can be purchased at the boutique hotel's gift shop.

Here's your chance to literally dream in technicolor.

See more photos from the happy-hued hotel below:


Colourful design and innovative furniture is the hallmark of The Pantone Hotel.


If rainbows had a hotel, it would be The Pantone Hotel



Splendid orange and red bar area in The Pantone Hotel

All images from The Pantone Hotel



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