The Dos and Don’ts of Decorating With Whites

The Dos and Don’ts of Decorating With Whites

If you’re after a sophisticated look to your interiors, then look no further than the trend for decorating with shades of white. Whilst white has always been a popular colour in interior design, a few modern updates will keep your room from seeming flat and uninteresting. White can be just as imaginative as bolder shades, don’t you know?

Bearing a few simple rules in mind will help you make the most of this beautiful colour in your space…

DO… Keep Calm and Decorate with White

White is the colour of serenity, so use whites to create a feeling of spa-like tranquility in your home. Whether it’s a cool bedroom or a relaxing bathroom you’re after, whites are perfect for capturing a calm vibe and creating a space where you can really kick back. 

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DON’T… Avoid Asymmetrical Surfaces

Create visual interest by using asymmetrical surfaces throughout your room. Mixing in some off-set surfaces and furniture will stop your whites from becoming flat and dull, and will really prove your interior design skills to your guests! 

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DO… Embrace Different Textures & Finishes

Whites lend themselves well to a mixture of different textures and finishes; there’s nothing else to distract the eye so you can go wild with natural or sculpted pieces, or throw in some plush fabrics to create some layers. Play with matte and shine in the same shade of white to really take your space t the next level. 

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DON’T… Just Stick to Pure White

Whilst white should be the most prominent colour when following this trend, don’t be afraid to introduce some soft greys and marbles into your palette. White marble tiles are a great way to introduce some luxury into your room, whilst a light grey patterned floor adds an extra dimension to this look.

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