The Beauty of Black and White Floor Tiles

The Beauty of Black and White Floor Tiles

It has always been a familiar favourite. Black and white floor tiles scream classic elegance and let face it, it looks amazing in all hallways, adding a level of grandeur to even the most modern homes!

Whether going for the much-loved checkerboard look (fabulous with a metro white tiled wall by the way) or an ornate tile, it opens up your scheme to add in a really vibrant accent colour or leads the way for a strong wall.  Teal and greens look particularly good if you are feeling brave or stick to a white with with a strong accent colour.

New from British Ceramic Tile for 2016 is our beautiful Devonstone feature floor in a black and white colourway.

Devonstone black and white floor tiles

Enliven any plain interior scheme instantly with an update of just the floor, or even frame an area of Devonstone Feature Floor with a plain tile in white or black.

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