VIDEO: Ted Baker discusses design, fashion and history at The London Hub

VIDEO: Ted Baker discusses design, fashion and history at The London Hub

We’re lucky to collaborate with Ted Baker on a whole range of stunning tiles. Which is why we were excited when one of the latest events at our new London Hub saw Ted Baker’s in-house Historian, Peter McDonough present an intriguing talk. The seminar seamlessly connected art, history, politics and fashion and offered a look behind the curtain at Ted Baker’s design ethics and inspiration. You can see the talk in full here:

The beginning of the talk saw some early inspiration from 1800’s textile designer William Morris, who said “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. A quote that Ted Baker fully endorses and embodies within their own works, and thankfully those they collaborate on with British Ceramic Tile!


One pearl of wisdom that was imparted during the talk was Ted Baker’s belief that art and design need not be separate, and that “great art can be great design”. Attendees left with another take away from the lecture, which was that “inspiration can come from the unlikeliest source”, as illustrated by a charming anecdote about how one of Ted Baker’s designs were inspired by an early 1900’s lottery cart which used letters and flowers to draw winners.

Using military trends, Peter explained how the past is always influencing modern design, using the resurgence of camouflage prints and WW1 style trench coats and bomber jackets in fashion as an example.

Peter finished his lecture with a segment on how function, design and beauty can exist as one, using none other than our fabulous ArTile splashbacks as an example! This included the story about how Cotton the Dog found fame as part of the range… But you’ll have to watch the video to find out that story! Come on, you can’t say no to this face…

Ted Baker designer tiles in your home

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