Take Insta-worthy Photos of Your Homes Like A Pro

Take Insta-worthy Photos of Your Homes Like A Pro

The Internet is awash with beautiful interiors photos, from your favourite blogger’s enviable kitchen on Instagram to piles of pictures on Pinterest of perfectly styled scenes. Whatever your style, you’ll find plenty of inspiration online, but what about sharing your own snaps? Your room may be your pride and joy (and it should be!) but when it comes to translating that to the screen, it can be a little bit trickier.

It’s a skill that Lucinda Mitra, blogger and Instagrammer at Nest Twenty Eight, has mastered, regularly sharing snaps of her home with over 50,000 people. We asked for her top tips so you’ll be able to show off your styling skills and your own jealousy-inducing interiors to the world...

Set the Scene

Credit @Nest_Twenty_Eight
‘My top tip for taking Insta-worthy pictures is, firstly, to set the scene; what do you want to get across? Cosy? Modern? Industrial? Make sure your styling fits in with this theme and don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures. A colour pop or two will also get you noticed!’

This will probably not come as too much of a shock, but all of those beautiful homes you see in photos definitely don’t look like that most of the time. Giving your space a thorough tidy and setting up your accessories so they look their best will make all the difference to your final snaps. Bringing cushions or candles from other parts of your house can really add the finishing touch, so shop your own space!

Find the Right Light

Credit: @Nest_Twenty_Eight

As a rule, when taking interior design shots, natural light is your friend. Generally speaking, a bright but slightly overcast day is best to avoid strange shadows but still be able to see the details of your room. However, don’t be afraid to play around with lighting for different moods - lamps, fireplaces and overhead lighting can all provide different effects.

A Few Finishing Touches

Credit: @Nest_Twenty_Eight
‘I don’t ever use filters as I want my followers to see a true picture of my home’ Lucinda revealed, ‘so lighting is everything and then I tweak my pictures with a bit of sharpening, highlighting and brighting using the Instagram editing function, to help.’

Even the most gorgeous of spaces need a few extra tweaks, so don’t be afraid to mess around a little with your photos to get them looking perfect. But don’t go too far - you want your finished photo to be realistic and representative of your real life room!

Come Equipped

Credit: @Nest_Twenty_Eight

Whilst the camera on your phone is probably sufficient to capture a decent shot of your space, you can take things to the next level with a ‘proper’ camera and a wide angle lens. Your hands are also not as steady as a tripod, so letting go of your camera can help make your shots crisper and help you get a different perspective. Try a few different things and you’ll soon find what works for you!

Focus on the Details

Credit: @Nest_Twenty_Eight

Do you have a bookshelf or a gallery wall that you particularly love? Make it the star of the show.

‘Whole room photos are fab, but you can also do a vignette of a room, too. I always make sure I look around the edges and check that my framing is straight for a crisp and aesthetically pleasing finish; some of my most popular pics are ones where I’ve focused on one wall or corner of a room as you can really see the details. Besides, there’s only so many rooms we have in our homes, so this is a nice way to break things up a bit!’  

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