Coverings 2016 – Our top tips for 'Show Survival'!

Coverings 2016 – Our top tips for 'Show Survival'!

We’ve come up with some top tips for surviving the Covering’s trade fair. With exhibitors from more than 40 countries, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so it’s best to be prepared…

  1. Wear stylish but comfortable shoes!

Planning ahead with suitable footwear is essential; we’re not talking hiking boots, but 7-inch heels may become a problem. Think ahead and pack an extra pair of socks - even go as far as packing plasters and painkillers, or come and ask us if you forget them! Keep hydrated and if you must have a coffee remember to replenish your water levels double up on nibble breaks to rest those weary feet, you will have earn't those extra calories!



  1. Stop by our stand

Whilst at our fun and friendly stand, find inspiration from our beautiful designer ranges including Ted Baker, we have lovely English treats on offer and cool competitions to keep your spirits up. We’ll give you a bag to carry all of your information and freebies in – they look GREAT too!


  1. Take plenty of pictures

Take pictures of the tiles you like and the stand name so you don’t forget which designs you're interested in. Make sure you leave your contact details with a stand member so they can send you information about what you liked. Don’t leave anything to memory alone, you’ll be mind blown by everything the Coverings trade fair has to offer!


  1. Pack hand sanitiser

With all those handshakes and tiles you’ll be picking up and looking at, and an array of nibbles on offer, hand sanitiser is a simple, yet handy little necessity that you really don’t want to forget!


  1. Don’t start drinking until 2pm

Picking up all those beautiful tiles may not be the best idea after a few too many glasses of wine so despite the fact you might fancy a free tipple its best not to start until you have got around the show.


DONT FORGET: Make sure you get an early night, it’s going to be an exciting few days!

Check out our plans for Coverings 2016 here.

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