Subdued Texture Tiles

Subdued Texture Tiles

This post is now over a year old, so certain aspects of this post may no longer be correct or relevant.

Unfinished surfaces, rough and love-worn textures enhance spaces without dominating or jarring. Juxtapose beautiful, refined and luxury items with subtle rough textures and you bring life to both extremes. All of this is possible with subdued texture tiles.

Traditional Italian polished plaster is the key starting point for this trend and has its origins in ancient Rome. The Renaissance period brought this trend to life in grand Venetian townhouses. The plasterer would create texture and interest by adding marble dust and dyes to give the look of a travertine, marble or limestone with a softer less refined finish.

Tiles imitating Italian polished plaster and Stucco surfaces used in vast spaces, on both wall and floor. This give the Illusion of depth and texture with ease of installation and maintenance.

Muted tones and gentle textures are low-key, warming and welcoming. Areas retain a lived-in and homely feel, whilst still being a strong urban backdrop for more contemporary accessories and modern decors.

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