Stylish Staircase

Stylish Staircase

This post is now over a year old, so certain aspects of this post may no longer be correct or relevant.

Staircases are the first feature you see when you walk through the front door, so they are the perfect opportunity to wow your guests. Having a stylish staircase is becoming a 'must' in the interior design world, and there are so many options to create a staircase to impress.

‘The stair has a functional aspect, but can also be very beautiful and act as a stunning centrepiece to a space bringing in light.’  And Architect Michael Crowley points out: ‘The design of a staircase is not purely an aesthetic decision. This is one of the crucial elements of the house because you don’t only see it and utilise it, but daily you touch it. It’s the tactile centre of the building.’ Room Envy

Be inspired with a selection of some our favourite Staircase designs from tiles to lego:

staircase 2 

Credit: Room Envy

This look is so simple to achieve by simply using off cuts of your favourite wallpaper.

staircase 3 


This chic and modern look was created using the childhood favourite Lego.

staircase 4 


This ombre effect works well on a crisp white palette, simply paint each bannister rail a different colour hue.

Impact Dog StaircaseImpact Glass

This look is achieved using British Ceramic Tiles.

These unique glass tiles are available in a variety of different colours and sizes.

staircase 6

Painting different shades of colour on each step that fade into one another creates a unique colourful finish.

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