Interior Design Trends: What’s hot in 2016?

Interior Design Trends: What’s hot in 2016?

Claire O’Brien, head of design at British Ceramic Tile, shares her insights as to what’s hot right now within interior design trends for 2016.

Interior Design Trends


Grey is the colour of 2016. So, that means waving goodbye to white and cream tiles within the home. If your space is limited, using a tile with a gloss finish will capture light and bounce it across walls, giving an illusion of more space.

Organic materials

Organic materials is one of the latest trends for 2016. It gives you so much to play with when deciding how to decorate. Wood, slate, marble and concrete all fall into this category. They add a subtle texture and interest to walls and floors, especially within a calming, soft colour palette.


Patterns remain popular. From contemporary geometric patterns to Moroccan inspired motifs and Victoriana style, there is an endless choice available to you.  2016 also sees the introduction of zoning in tiling - the clever placement of same format tiles in a complimentary colour palette allows you to create a decorative effect on the wall or floor that is unique to your space.

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