11 Simple Ways to Add More Storage To Your Small Bathroom

11 Simple Ways to Add More Storage To Your Small Bathroom

All bathrooms need good storage, especially the small ones. As the home of self-maintenance, the bathroom houses an abundance of cosmetics, tools and more to help us look our best each day.

The question is, how can we store all these bathroom essentials efficiently?

Here are some of our favourite small bathroom storage ideas to help you maximise your space and stay clutter-free.

1. Inside your cabinet doors

Storage for small bathrooms can be found in the unlikeliest of places. Take the inside of a cabinet door for example. Here’s an area you wouldn’t normally think twice about and it could easily be transformed into a place for all your cosmetics or even somewhere to hang your hair dryer and other electrical appliances.

Simply adapt racks and mount them to the inside of the doors, or make your own for bespoke storage that fits your needs. Easy!

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2. Lazy Susan in the bathroom

There’s nothing worse than rummaging through your cabinets trying to find something, and all you end up with is bottles strewn across the floor because the one thing you really need is at the back.

Enter the Lazy Susan bathroom hack.

Usually associated with holding and rotating spices in the kitchen, the Lazy Susan of the bathroom makes easy work of finding all your essential creams and lotions.

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3. Stack your shelves

Bathroom storage shelves are great for keeping things off the floor, and can easily be dressed up as a stylish interior choice too.

But why stop at one shelf?

A stack of shelves in the bathroom provides space for plenty of towels and other bits and pieces, too. You can even use matching baskets to store loose cosmetics and keep everything neat and tidy.

A dedicated area for shelving keeps things off the floor and makes use of any unused wall space.

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4. Over the toilet storage

Another shelving idea is to place them above your toilet, sink or door. These spaces are often left empty and are actually great areas for storage in small bathrooms.

We love these ladder shelves as they offer a gentle gradient up the wall with plenty of room for towels, toilet rolls and more, adding storage to a space that would otherwise be a bit neglected.

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5. Ladder shelves

Talking of which… ladder shelves are a great solution for small bathrooms, wherever you place them. Although they have a small footprint that’s perfect for smaller rooms, they pack a big punch when it comes to storage space by taking things upwards!

Use baskets and boxes to keep clutter to a minimum, and finish off with a print or a couple of plants for an area that’s both stylish and practical.

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6. The ultimate combo

Combis are your friend when it comes to small bathrooms. Combination toilet and vanity units are where the fun begins, but it doesn’t stop there. Easy DIY bathroom storage includes a toilet roll holder and dispenser in one and a shelf that doubles up as a towel rail too.

Handy gadgets like these can be created to fit the aesthetics of a room and help you make the most of your space too.

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7. Spice rack in the bathroom

Here’s another top storage item from the kitchen that’s versatile across the home: the iconic spice rack. When mounted on bathroom walls, they become a practical place for all your cosmetics.

Placed next to a mirror or the inside of a cupboard door, they’re a great bathroom storage idea for clearing up any bits and bobs you don’t want lying around.

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8. Tall bathroom cabinets

If you’re short on floor space, getting clever with your storage units can help you make the most of the space available. Think tall and thin rather than wide and chunky when it comes to your bathroom cabinet ideas. This will allow you to utilise the space above your head, too.

Store more regularly used cosmetics at eye level for easy reach, whilst using the top half of the shelving unit for towels and cleaning products.

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9. Boxes with compartments

Little bits and pieces rolling about in a bathroom with no place to live can be frustrating. From hair grips and bobbles to hair wax and shaving tools, clutter easily mounts up in a busy bathroom making for a sometimes messy appearance.

Utilising boxes with compartments within draws and cupboards helps keeps everything a little more organised and takes the pressure off keeping your bathroom spic and span.

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10. Storage baskets

Storage baskets are another great way to keep things neat and tidy with minimal effort, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes, too. Whether you go for a wicker collection or a more modern metallic selection, they’re perfect for storing creams & lotions, hand towels, and even toilet rolls.

We love these copper baskets combined with our Ted Baker tiles and a decorative trunk!

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11. Built-in storage

If you’re starting from scratch with your bathroom, then now’s the time to think ahead about your storage! Built-in shelves and cupboards are the modern bathroom storage solution for all your trinkets with a finish that’s as seamless as the rest of the room.

Build a shelf into your shower area or above the sink, or perhaps seek out a secret cubby hole around your bath. Where there’s space, there’s potential for built-in storage.

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12. Back of the door

Here’s another back of the door storage idea, but this time using the bathroom door itself.

Forget about hanging your dressing down and towels – this space has a better use. Utilise this area with some mounted racks and rails, perfect for all your bathroom essentials.

With the storage being behind the door, it will keep things out of the way, but on hand should you need it.

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