Small Bathroom Ideas: 26 ways to transform your small bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas: 26 ways to transform your small bathroom

Blessed are those with big bathrooms... or are they? There’s a lot to be said about making things compact, and that goes for home interiors too. We’re all for maximising our space when it comes to small bathrooms, and there’s a huge list of ideas you can try to make the very best of your bathroom. Don’t believe us? Read on for our small bathroom ideas… 

Small bathroom sets and fittings

Starting with the largest items is the logical way to go. In the case of a small bathroom, you’ll still need to accommodate a toilet, basin, shower and maybe a bath, too. So, how does it work?

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1. L and P shaped baths

Credit: @decordelightsuk on Instagram

Most would never consider an L- or P-shaped bath for a small bathroom, but we say think again. Shorter versions of these styles of baths often keep your footprint similar to more conventional baths, whilst also - this is the good bit - giving you space for a shower too. Why have one, when you can have both?

2. Sunken baths

Credit: @emmafishman_stylist on Instagram

It's one of our favourite small bathroom ideas, for obvious reasons! The sunken bath will give your bathroom more space in a visual sense rather than actually saving you space. But, if aesthetics are important to you and you crave a little luxury in your life, then a sunken bath is definitely worth considering. Just be sure to check you’ve got the space under your floorboards.


3. Corner shower enclosure

Credit: @tobuildahomeuk on Instagram

Shower-rooms are becoming more and more common as space in flats and apartments becomes a premium. Corner units are great from keeping your shower out of the way, whilst giving you more space to play with elsewhere in the room. A corner shower enclosure offers all the flexibility you need for arrange other bathroom units.

4. Reposition your shower

Credit: Colin Poole

Placing a shower head over your bath is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to having the best of both in a small bathroom. But how can you make it even better? More often than not, the shower head is placed directly over the shorter side of the bath where the taps usually sit. Moving it to the longer length of the bath towards one end will give you more space to your sides. Imagine this with a P- or L-shaped bath, and you’ve hit the jackpot.

5. Sliding shower doors

Credit: @a.r.t.constructionsvcs on Instagram

It sounds simple, but so often we see doors in bathrooms being overlooked. In tight spaces, swinging doors can make arranging furniture a nightmare. Nobody wants to squeeze into the shower each morning, because the door hits the toilet. So, with that in mind, opting for a sliding shower door can minimise this problem, and, of course, maximise your space.


6. Combination sinks and toilets

Credit: Norwood Interiors

The ultimate two in one option for any small bathroom or downstairs toilet! For those not in the know, these multi-purpose pieces are a simple vanity unit with a basin, toilet and sometimes a cupboard all in one – they’re not only compact but handy too! Many older properties still house toilets in separate rooms, so a combo toilet and sink is one way of saving you hopping from room to room during your bathroom breaks.

7. Corner toilets

They may not be the most conventional way to lay out your bathroom furniture, but corner toilets shouldn’t be overlooked. Corners are so often forgotten about when it comes to saving space; however, if they’re utilised well, you can recover space you never knew you had.

Basins & sinks

When it comes to small spaces, basins and sinks can be a tricky business, especially if you need a little storage too. Combination vanity units are the answer to all your problems. Keeping everything compact and in one neat package, you can have it all without sacrificing any precious space.

8. Wall-mount taps and other fixtures

Credit: Paul Massey

Not enough floor space? No problem. Why should small bathrooms and guest toilets go without basin essentials when you can opt for a wall-mounted tap? There’s usually enough wiggle room for mounted fixtures which often frees up floor space whilst still giving you all the bathroom essentials you need.

9. Cloakroom taps

Credit: davidrooney1 @ Houzz

There’s so many options when it comes to taps, including small basin taps that offer a narrower profile. Also known as cloakroom taps, they come in a variety of styles to suit your interior design choices, as well as leaving you with more room on your sink for bathroom essentials.


If the illusion of space is what you’re after, then let the power of light lead the way. We’re not talking hanging shades and feature lights, as these will make the room feel crowded. Instead, consider multiple ceiling spot lights or even wall lights on either side of your cabinet or mirror. The extra light is guaranteed to give your small bathroom the airy and spacious feel you desire.

10. Natural light

Credit: Design Sponge

Where possible, natural light is key to creating the illusion of space. Covering windows with blinds and curtains is only going to minimise that all important light your room needs. Use frosted glass for your bathroom windows and leave the blinds behind. Or, take things a step further, with flat roof windows or a sun tunnel, and let there be (more) natural light.


11. Mirrored cabinets

Credit: Chris Warnes

The most deceiving of all our small bathroom ideas, the humble mirrored cabinet is both practical and a space saver. Fitted to the wall, you can store all your bathroom essentials neatly away, whilst still benefiting from a bathroom mirror. Mirrors alone are also great for creating the illusion of space giving you double the reason to invest.

Colour schemes

Picking and sticking to your chosen colour scheme goes a long when it comes to styling a small bathroom. There’s no reason where you can’t have fun, as long as you follow a few guidelines. The key is to keep things simple and build out your colour with accent features and accessories.

12. Monochrome

Credit: Amberth

Too many colours can over-complicate small spaces such as guest bathrooms. To give a visual sense of space, try opting for a monochrome colour scheme – one of our simplest, but most stylist small bathroom ideas. White tiles can really open up a room, with black grouting and accessories adding a bit of depth and style to your interior.

13. Bright

Never be afraid to go big and bold, even in small spaces. When done the right way, bright colours can add the dollop of personality your room needs. Working with a neutral shade as your base, you can choose a bright colour to act as your accent shade (feature wall anyone?). Not only great for your bathroom accessories, accent shades can often be incorporated into fixtures, feature tiles and even grouting.

14. Pastel

Credit: Houzz

Pastels are making a come back and they couldn’t be more welcome in a small bathroom. These easy-on-the-eye tones are perfect for opening up a room, and often work well with both white and darker, deeper shades such as midnight blue and grey. Take your pastels to the walls, with tiles in shades of millennial pink or baby blue, or use it as an accent colour and add a touch of personality as you please.

15. Dark floor, light walls

Credit: Techne

By placing dark tiles on the floor and lighter shades on the wall, you’ll trick the eye and instantly give your room a more spacious and airy feel. Black hexagon shaped tiles are great option for the floor to add a sense of style to your interior.


Easily forgotten, accessories are often the most compromised part of a small bathroom, which can, in some cases, leave an unsatisfying finish to your interior. Thinking ahead with our small bathroom ideas can save headaches later down the line and give you the best results for making the most of your bathroom’s space.

16. Ladder radiators

Credit: @palmhouseinteriors on Instagram

Another genius combination invention of the 21st century for small bathrooms everywhere. A towel rail and radiator in one, it’s a space saver first, offering practical and design benefits too. Available in a range of sizes and colours to match the rest of your decor, including black, white, gold and more, it’s a no brainer for keeping your room warm and your towels neat.

17. Underfloor heating

British Ceramic Tile: HD Harmony

Removing radiators from your walls and placing underfloor heating under your tiles is a surefire way to free up some bathroom space without leaving you shivering after your shower. When it comes to ambience, underfloor heating is the ultimate goal for any bathroom, large or small. Warmth radiating from below your bare feet is guaranteed to add a spa-like and luxurious feel to your home.

Design tricks

It’s not magic. Just great wisdom passed from this person to the next, and now from us to you, on how to use design to make the best of your small space. When it comes to bathrooms, it can be a tricky business due to all the essentials needed, but with these design tricks and small bathroom ideas you can make the best of what you’ve got.

18. Small furniture

Credit: @makingspacesnet on Instagram

The size of your furniture can make or break a room, especially when it comes to small spaces. You may love that oversized vintage vanity unit and it technically fits, but does it look right? Large items of furniture have a habit of making everything in a small room look even smaller, so we’d recommend sticking to pieces that are to scale with the rest of your bathroom.

19. Keep it clutter free

We see the conundrum… you need less storage for space, and more storage to keep things clutter free. When it comes to saving space and keeping things neat, there’s a variety of options to suit every style. Tall tiered storage and weaved baskets are perfect for cosmetics and towels, whilst wall paneling gives you a handy shelf for toiletries, trinkets and more.

20. Tile part way up the wall

Credit: @theresagromski on Instagram

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, including those with a slanted roof. If that’s you, fear not. This small bathroom idea is for you. Instead of attempting to tile sloping walls, simply stop part way up and paint the rest white. Darker tiles combined with a white ceiling will make the whole room feel larger and maximise the light coming from the roof window. 

21. Utilise an accent wall

Credit: @bmrhomes on Instagram

If you love colour and pattern, but worry about the intensity of it in a small bathroom you can always opt for an accent wall instead. When it comes to picking the wall, always go for the one that grabs your attention first. In the case of a bathroom, this is usually where the mirrored cabinet is, or more simply, in a guest toilet it’s often the back of the room directly opposite the door.

22. Use bold wallpaper

Credit: @myhouseismything on Instagram

Move over boring walls… we’re here to dispel the myth of not using statement wallpaper in small bathrooms. If there’s a print you’ve got your eye on, go for it and commit. Patterns often work well with small spaces as they distract the eye. Keeping everything else in the room simple and in a neutral colour such as white will ensure all the focus is where it should be.

23. Patterned tiles

British Ceramic Tile: Feature Floors Alfred

Playful patterns are set to be a big trend for bathrooms with no exception being spared for smaller rooms. From geo tiles to designer patterns, there’s a whole host of options out there perfect for creating a striking bathroom floor or wall. When combining patterned tiles with whites, concretes and natural shades, they easily add a little bit of personality to your interior.


When it comes to kitting out your bathroom, storage may not be quite as essential as a shower or toilet, but it certainly helps. As we like to say, small spaces need places! Here’s our small bathroom ideas for storing all your toiletries and bathing goods.

24. Tiered storage

British Ceramic Tile: HD Snowdonia

Height is your best friend when it comes to making the most of your space in a small bathroom. Tall tiered storage units not only cater for all your cosmetics, towels and more, but often take up less room than more traditional boxy units.

25. Built-in storage

Credit: @restoringlansdowne on Instagam

If you’ve got luxury of starting from scratch with your small bathroom, be sure to work with what you’ve got to get the best storage solutions. During your renovation, seek out ‘cubby holes’ and utilise them for built-in cupboards and storage perfect for storing towels, toiletries and more.

26. Wall mounted storage

British Ceramic Tile: Seagrass

No space on the floor? No problem. Take things to the wall with mounted storage units instead. From mirrored cabinets to simpler versions, they offer a stylish and practical solution for keeping everything neat and tidy. Available in all shapes, sizes and colours, you can easily find the perfect match for your interior.

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