Patterned Kitchen Wall Tiles - Our Top 6 Favourites

Patterned Kitchen Wall Tiles - Our Top 6 Favourites

Choices, choices, choices… the world of tiles is vast and exciting!

With so many different tile designs to choose from, knowing which pattern to go for and how to use patterned tiles in the home can be a tricky business.

To help you on your way, here’s a rundown of our favourite patterned kitchen wall tiles.


There’s something truly satisfying about a pattern that’s consistent and regular, and that’s just what you get with a geometric design.

In the case of patterned geometric tiles, they’re capable of being either a statement piece or something more subtle.

Take our Illusion Feature Floor tile, for example, used on a kitchen island wall below. It achieves a design that ‘wows’ without being overbearing for the rest of the interior.

 Feature Floors Illusion - Grey Matt Wall & Floor


Mix and match patchwork tiles are the perfect way to create a unique look with ease. Often arriving with multiple designs in one box, you can lay them in any order you please.

From a random pattern to something more linear, it’s hard to go wrong with these as your patterned kitchen wall tiles.

Our Ted Baker GeoTile and its 12 individual designs, used here as a kitchen splashback, guarantees an eye-catching look every time.

Ted Baker - GeoTile


Our interior design ideas come from all over the world. Most notably, Morocco, with its vivid and colourful architecture, has been the source of inspiration for many.

Warm colours and intricate patterns & motifs make Moroccan-inspired tiles a great choice for kitchens, bringing everything to life at the heart of the home.

Looking for Moroccan tiles? We love our Parian tiles with 4 different designs for a modern take on Moroccan style.

British Ceramic Tile - Parian

Traditionally English

Patterned tiles are nothing new, with designs dating back decades and even centuries ago. Vintage tile designs are still as popular today as they ever have been, with even more modern versions to choose from.

Offering a more traditional style that resonates with the Victorian and Edwardian eras, you can create a classic kitchen look with these tiles.

The Laura Ashley Heritage Collection, design by the lady herself back in the 80s, is sure to add a timeless feel to any kitchen wall or splashback.

British Ceramic Tile - Devonstone


Thinking outside of the box can be a scary place. Especially when it comes to your home! Being brave and playful with your interior design can pay off though, resulting in a kitchen that’s truly unique to you (and at the envy of all your friends).

Interior guru and online influencer, Sarah Akwisombe, used our marbled HD Distinction tile as a patterned kitchen splashback and we’re in love! Take a look below…

Image Credit: @britishceramictile on Instagram


Mosaic tiles will always have a place in our hearts as it’s an interior style that never fails to look great. It’s a bit of an eye-catcher too!

They are super versatile when it comes to laying and equally as practical in spaces that need to stay clean – despite being made up of multiple tile pieces and grout lines.

Whether you opt for a mosaic border or go all out with a mosaic splashback, designs like our Small Hexagon Stone or Bronze Foil Glass won’t disappoint.

British Ceramic Tile Mosaics - Bronze Foil Glass Mosaic

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