How to expertly use patchwork, patterned & Moroccan tiles at home

How to expertly use patchwork, patterned & Moroccan tiles at home

Patchwork tiles are nothing new but, truth be told, we can’t get enough of them at the moment. With new patterns and trends appearing all the time, they’re a fun and imaginative way to let your unique style shine through. Usually found in a bathroom, kitchen or hallway, we’re now seeing a new age of patterned tiles with HD printing techniques and more adventurous ways of using them in the home. 

The patchwork tile styles

When we think of patterned tiles, the mind wanders to a variety of styles that span a range of different cultures and eras. Some of the most colourful and iconic patchwork designs come from Portugal and Morocco, whilst back home, encaustic Victorian style tiles are making waves once again. We’ve been inspired by the Indonesian with batik tiles, and even mixed and matched patterned tiles for a finish that’s as unique as each individual tile itself.

Let’s have a look at the options out there for any patchwork tile look...

An authentic vintage look

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s got vintage patchwork tiles all over it. A new age of timeworn interiors has begun, seeing distressed surfaces and textures come into their own once again. Encaustic tiles have long been a timeless look, and now with HD printing within reach, it’s even easier to create an authentic look with vintage style patterned tiles.

We’ve even seen the use of classic prints by the likes of Laura Ashley hitting our tiles, allowing us to effortlessly add a bit of history back into the home.

Laura Ashley The Heritage Collection - Mr Jones Charcoal Grey Floor 

Batik tiles that inspire

Originating from Indonesia, batik is a technique used for colouring cloth using dye-resistant wax. Batiking often uses intricate lines and dots which result in beautifully detailed and ornate patterns on fabric. Inspired by this age-old technique, batik patchwork tiles have become a style hit, offering detailed patterns and textures for the home. Often seen with subtle colouring and in smaller sizes, they’re a more minimalist option for patchwork floor or wall tiles. 

Image credit: @theottohouse on Instagram

Make yours a feature

Committing to a patterned tile for an entire room, whether it be wall or floor, can feel like a bold move for some. So, what’s your options for a more subtle approach that still incorporates your favourite patchwork design? One word; feature. Work with the focal point of your room, such as a fireplace or freestanding bath, and accentuate its beauty with statement patterned wall tiles. A small border or feature wall using a patterned tile will draw the eye where you want it to go and it’s a great way to add a little personality too.

Image credit: @the_lindens on Instagram

Inspired by the Moroccan interiors

Moroccan architecture is famous for its mosaic-tiled interiors full of intricate arrangements and shades of yellow, orange and red. Moroccan patchwork tiles are inspired by these iconic designs and come in all shapes & sizes with plenty of motif and arabesque based patterns to choose from. Enjoy a taste of Morocco with a feature wall of patchwork tiles or go all out by accessorising with wicker baskets, silver lamps and comfy, colourful throws!

British Ceramic Tile - Parian

Mix and match!

Put your own stamp on a room by mixing tile patterns to create a look that suits you. Buy vintage and collect shades & designs you like together, or choose a pre-packed combination of patchwork tiles all ready to lay exactly how you want them – the Ted Baker GeoTilewill create this look perfectly! Whatever you choose, just remember to have fun and create a pattern you love.

Image credit: @theottohouse on Instagram

Be bold and colourful

There’s no better way to let your personality shine, than with a set of bold patchwork kitchen tiles or colourful floor tiles. Whether you love an ethnic vibe or drawn to contemporary geometric designs, be sure to show off your colourful side with a mix of tones and shades. When it comes to colour combinations, pick your core colours first then build them out with neutral shades that complement your chosen theme.

Image credit: @encaustictiles on Instagram

Choose a classic blue

When you think of blue patterned tiles, your mind might be drawn instantly to the streets of Lisbon where exteriors are adorned with Azulejos and vintage Portuguese tiles. Still very much a major part of Portuguese architecture today, blue patchwork tiles have a timeless appeal and we just know they’ll be making their way into our kitchens and bathrooms for a long time yet.

Image credit: @daljine_nas_zovu on Instagram

Splackbacks with patchwork tiles

Making a feature of your patchwork tiles doesn’t mean they have to take over the room to have an impact. Take a more subtle approach with a patchwork tile splashback in the kitchen, bathroom or downstairs toilet. This little touch does more than it looks by adding a natural focal point in your room, as well as revealing your decorative flair; you can finish the look with vintage sinks and taps.

British Ceramic Tile - Ted Baker GeoTile

Small spaces and patterned tiles

A little patchwork can go a long way, especially when used in smaller rooms such as downstairs toilet and ensuite-bathrooms. They can work wonders when it comes to brightening up dark spaces – just be sure to use them sparingly to avoid overwhelming your guests. We’ve lot got lots of tips and tricks for small bathrooms, but to get you started, we recommend placing your patchwork wall tiles part way up the wall and leaving the rest of the room white. This will make the whole room look and feel more spacious.

Image credit: @bearrene on Instagram

Patchwork HD printing for tiles

HD digital printing has changed the patchwork tile game forever, opening up a world full of choices when it comes to designs and patterns. The best part is that they look pretty authentic too (without the high price-tag), plus they’re a lot easier to maintain. From retro and vintage styles to something more modern and edgy, the power of print can give you the look you desire with ease.

British Ceramic Tile - Retro Feature Floor

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