Patchwork Pattern with Parian

Patchwork Pattern with Parian

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Patterns are exciting to use and can lift a scheme from ordinary to spectacular. Here at House of British Ceramic Tile we have created a new range called Parian that allows you to use pattern easily within the home. The range features a set of intricately detailed decors and co-ordinating plain tiles in both full colour and shades of grey. The colours and patterns within each set are varied and strong design pieces in their own right but they work well in harmony together. The range works perfectly as a vibrant feature wall or floor. The inspiration for the Parian range comes from both Moroccan and Patchwork interior design styles.


Parian tiles from House of British Ceramic Tile

Moroccan décor is ethnic, exotic, inviting, and reinforces an effortless character to any space. This style is all about great colours, styles and textures; it takes a lot of inspiration from the elaborate Islamic designs of the east. Layers of pattern and bold, vibrant colours are at the heart of Moroccan design, creating a bohemian ambiance. Tiles are a very important part of Moroccan interior design. Whether it is assorted mosaic or peculiar designs, the tiles can be used anywhere, on the walls, floors or even table tops too. Check out this Lushome blog for some Moroccan interior inspiration.

Morocco 2

Patchwork design is a way you can piece together different patterns and colours to create unique and original works of art. The idea of patchwork is to make it look like a one-off piece of design, and a visually interesting place to look at. Whether it is contrasting colours, textures, materials, or patterns, the important thing with this trend is to mix it up and layer it on. Patchwork has come along way since the traditional quilt, and has filtered through many areas of interior design from wall coverings to furniture. To see some different ways to use patchwork, take a look at Hot Decor trend blog.


Parian tiles from House of British Ceramic Tile

Be imaginative and create unique looks to impress with our inspiring Parian range.

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