Must have Marble

Must have Marble

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Nothing says luxury and glamour like marble and it could be yours with our marble tile effect HD range. The Marble interior trend is making a comeback this year. The London Evening Standard inspires with some "simple and affordable ways you can incorporate marble into your own interior design."

Mostly used in bathrooms and on countertops, designers and customers are now being more experimental with how they choose to use this luxurious material in their homes.

It is a very versatile trend to uptake as it tends to compliment a variety of colour palettes to create different looks. Team with white for a clean and chic feel, or rich colours for a more traditional look in your home.

Real marble is a lavish choice and usually expensive, but with our HD range, you can emulate the look of the real thing, without expensive installation and maintenance costs. Take a look at some of our favourite Marble effect HD tiles.

Get the Marble Tile Effect at Home


HD Horizon tiles


HD Marfil tiles

2-Chameleon-Kitchen-featured HD Chameleon tiles

Elite Stone Java tile - Marble Tile Effect Elite Stone Java tiles

HD Mantis Roomset - Marble Tile Effect HD Mantis tiles


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