How to Mix Textures and Concrete in Your Home

How to Mix Textures and Concrete in Your Home

In the past few years concrete has made the move from a purely functional material into a style statement. Where in the past the focus would have been on covering up concrete, interiors experts have been stripping their spaces back and letting concrete come to the forefront. Polished concrete was one of the big interiors trends of 2017, and it shows no sign of stopping in 2018. But rather than the stark, warehouse-style that we’ve seen before, the look has softened, bringing about a more feminine feel with designers now incorporating more textures alongside their industrial surfaces. Here’s how you can get the look in your home… 

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast 

Rather than sticking to one look, mixing up your textures is a surefire way to achieve a stylish home. Concrete makes enough of a statement that it can handle contrasting textures next to it; pair polished concrete floors and kitchen units with tiles that have softer texture like our Luna tiles, or incorporate the contemporary ripple effect of our New Brighton tiles to add visual interest to your space. 

Shades of Grey 

When you’re mixing up textures in a room, it can be easy to tip over into ‘too much’ territory so stick to varying shades of grey to complement your concrete and bring out the best in your varying textures. If you do want to add some colour, choose carefully and stick to one or two shades to avoid overwhelming the space and disrupting the cohesion. 

Match Your Style 

Concrete is surprisingly versatile; you don’t have to go for an industrial look if that doesn’t suit the style of your home. Why not go for some rustic charm by adding the Ted Baker Partridge tiles or go for some modern flair with Ted Baker VersaTiles. Whatever your current style, you don’t have to redecorate completely to add some concrete into the mix! 

Add Some Accessories 

Soften the overall look by adding some accessories with contrasting textures, too. Plenty of soft furnishing will help warm up a space that’s decorated with concrete, so play with blankets and cushions in various fabrics. Go industrial with a touch of metallic in your accessories, or dress your space with natural textures like marble and wood for a more peaceful vibe. 

How do you combine textures and concrete in your space? 

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