Magnificent Metallics

Magnificent Metallics

Metallics have been a popular interior trend for a long time; from stainless steel to industrial copper, metallics work for a myriad of different homes and styles.

In recent years, there’s been a growth in popularity of metallic looks, such as gold, bronze, copper and soft silver, and you can’t open the pages of an interiors magazine without seeing metallics used somewhere.

And it’s no surprise, either; they add rich tones to any room in your home, and can really add drama, sophistication and even warmth to your space.

To help you take advantage of these options, here’s a handy guide of metallic decor ideas to use in your home.

How to use metallic tones around your home

For years stainless steel was the most common metallic splashback used in kitchens.

These days, bronze, pewter, brass, copper, iron and tin have become striking alternatives. Like most metals, they are durable and resistant to high temperatures, moisture and food stains, making them ideal to use as a kitchen splashback.

In addition to splashbacks, metallic tiles are suitable for walls, bathrooms and even ceilings, so the opportunities are endless throughout the home. Available in numerous finishes, textures, sizes and patterns they can add a rich and stylish look to any room.

Add a luxury look to your bathroom by tiling the walls or shower cubicle in metallic shades; mirrors and metallic accessories will bring a high shine finish to the space and give a sense of urban glamour.

Alternatively, opt for a more pared back feel with burnished copper tiles and industrial accessories for a subtler take on the trend.

Layering different metallic shades together will give a rich and eclectic look that’s sure to impress guests; if you’re unsure, why not try it in a small space like an en-suite or downstairs toilet before committing in the rest of your home?

A metallic border around your kitchen or bathroom, in tonal colours with the rest of your tiles, is another great way to incorporate the trend into your home without going all in.

What using metallic tones does to your overall look

Using metallic tiles in your home will give a fresh new look to any space; the reflective surface bounces around light, making your room appear larger, which is why they’re such a great tool for smaller spaces.

Not only that, but the various textures will also give a sense and creativity in your interior design. These will naturally make a room look sleek, modern and stylish. It’s a simple way to make a big statement in your space.

How to use different types of metallic 


Using copper in your home interiors can create a rich and stylish look. Accents of this material provide glowing, warm and beautiful deep orange and pink colour hues into your home. Copper works well with neutral colours and looks particularly good when contrasted with deep shades like emerald green and navy blue. Combine copper tiles with matching accessories and light fixtures for an elegant shine to your interior design.


Gold is a versatile shade to use in interiors and has experienced something of a renaissance lately. Gold tiles and other homewares create a sense of luxury and work particularly well when used as an accent. There are so many different varieties available that there really is something for any environment. From glowing yellow golds to warm ambers and rustic antiqued hues, gold tiles can be matched to any style of interior. Pair with marble for a glamorous look, or try something new with a pop of colour.


Silver works particularly well in contemporary settings as it evokes a sense of modern cool. Shimmering silver tiles work equally well as an accent or feature area, but for a chic twist, why not try a mosaic in an unexpected shape? Mosaics in a grown up and edgy dark silver lend an industrial edge you simply can’t achieve with gold. Team with a dark grey grout to create a dramatic finish.

Bronze & Brass

Often considered as an alternative to copper, bronze and brass tiles have their own key elements that can add a different element to your room design. They offer an enhanced warmth and further textured look that you can take advantage of in your kitchen or bathroom. They truly compliment and enhance natural materials such as stone or marble by adding a richness that will help you achieve a sleek finish in any space.

How to use metallic colours in your home

Soften The Look

One great trick when using metallic tiles in a room is to balance them out with softer or more natural tones. Materials such as vintage wood, leather or wool can add a real warmth to the room. They also act as a contrast to the metallic look, enhancing their impact and helping them stand out.

Mix it Up

Mixing metallic accents into stone and ceramic tiles contrast the soft sheen of metal with the organic texture of stone. The element of shine adds a contemporary flavour to a kitchen backsplash or en-suite bathroom. In addition to stone and ceramic, metallic accents also look great blended with glass tiles. Try mixing your metals, too, for a truly unique take on the trend.

Keep it Classic

There are many interior design styles that come and go. However, there are certain metals that will always look good in a home. Copper is often very popular for kitchens and lighting, also, don't forget that brass, chrome, silver or gold are timeless when paired with a classic interior.

The Illusion of Space

In addition to many aesthetic benefits of metallic tiles, they also provide a great way for manipulating light in any space. Their reflective nature can brighten and enlarge any room. This added bonus is especially welcome in smaller spaces lacking natural light.

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