Absolutely Marble-ous: How to Incorporate Marble into the Home

Absolutely Marble-ous: How to Incorporate Marble into the Home

The natural beauty of marble has always been popular, and it’s easy to see why with its unique texture and colourways, formed naturally over time. A touch of marble is the perfect way to add a little bit of tasteful sparkle and luxury to your home, and thanks to the versatility of this material, there are options for every taste and budget. No matter what room you are looking to spruce up, there are marble room decor options that can fit in any space.


Marble floors are not only easy to clean and maintain, but they offer an immediate chic look in any room. They are especially ideal for any warm environment, as one of marble’s properties is that it naturally stays cool. This lack of heat absorption makes them ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or larger spaces.


When choosing any furniture for our home, we hope that it will represent elements of our personality; therefore, you want to choose your furniture wisely. Marble furniture exuberates strength, beauty, and elegance so is the perfect choice for the discerning design connoisseur. Marble also has the added benefit of fitting well with a number of different room styles, lending an edge of classic chic to your interiors.

Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom is the ideal area for a touch of marble. Marble is naturally very easy to maintain so it’s practical in any space, as well as offering a luxurious look, too, so you’ll find many different marble bathroom ideas which make the most of this gorgeous material. Whether it is your sink, toilet, floor or bathtub, marble offers a beautiful and sleek look to make your bathroom a space that will exude elegance.


Marble floors are fairly common, but marble can also be used on walls for a surprising twist. The easiest way is with marble tiles, in a kitchen or bathroom, adding a touch of luxury into functional spaces. However, when considering marble ideas for your home, why not consider adding a marble feature wall in an unexpected space like your living room or bedroom? The beauty of marble is that it can transform any cluttered or dull area into a real statement, so don’t neglect any surface when considering your new marble decor.


There’s no denying that marble is not the cheapest option, but there are plenty of marble decor ideas which won’t break the bank. One of the easiest ways to incorporate this material into your home in a cost-effective way is with some marble lamps. The advantage of a marble lamp is that they diffuse and expand light so that the brightness reaches farther wherever they are placed. Furthermore, they have the ability to brighten an entire room without the need of using multiple different lamps and add that marble look in a subtle, affordable way.


One of the best-known and most common ways people introduce marble to their homes is as a kitchen countertop or splashback. The natural, unique patterns on the material have an undeniable visual appeal that truly enhances any cooking space and will turn the heart of the home into the most stylish room in your home.

Coffee Tables

If you are looking to add a little luxury to your living room, one of the quickest ways is to introduce a marble coffee table. A well-chosen piece like this can make all the difference to your space adding elegance, simplicity and a focal point. By keeping the rest of the space neutral it will allow the statement coffee table to become the focus of your living room. Style your coffee table with a few choice accessories, like your favourite interior design books and magazines or some metallic coasters to complete the look.

Smaller accessories

If you are looking for easier ways to introduce marble to your home there are a number of other extremely affordable, small and subtle ways you can do so with marble home accessories. These include fruit bowls, clocks, coasters, cutlery, candles or side tables. Even these small additions can introduce a touch of elegance and luxury; pair with metallics and soft furnishings for the ultimate in stylish interiors.  

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