Make a transition with hexagon tiles

Make a transition with hexagon tiles

Tile or wood? It’s the ultimate flooring conundrum that never seems to get any easier, until now…

Hex tile to hardwood floor transitions are now a thing, and quickly becoming a popular interior trend for 2017. And we can see why!

While transitional flooring is nothing new, the way we transition between two types of flooring is; structured and neat is out, gradual and organic is in! By opting for a gradual transition with the use of hexagon tiles, you can open up your space and enjoy all the benefits of both wood and tile.

But, how does it work?

Make a statement of your favourite feature

For those lucky enough to have a freestanding bath, this one’s a must! Hex tiles in an open pattern around your bath will draw focus to the most eye-catching feature in the room. Matching the colour of your tiles to the look and feel of your bathroom means you can complement that beautiful iconic white bathtub, whilst adding a pop of colour with perfectly transitioning wood flooring.

From the walls to the floor

If your dream design does not include a freestanding bath, have no fear! Your bathroom can stay bang on trend with transitional walls to floors. By bringing your tiled wall down onto a section of the floor you’ll create a striking design that benefits from two types of bathroom flooring. Hex tiles are the perfect choice for this and look great placed under a small table or chair.

Open up the open plan

It’s called open plan for a reason… stay away from segmenting spaces and closing off sections as rooms. Instead use a hexagon tile to wood floor transition to blend spaces throughout your home organically (and beautifully, of course). Tiled floors are obviously a familiar sight in kitchens, but bringing them out into your dining room, for example, with a subtle wood floor transition is a surefire way to put a modern twist on your home.

Make your most used room, the most practical too

We all know kitchens can be a messy space in the home – some more than others! All that food prepping is often the main culprit making tiled splashbacks essential, but why stop there? The use of hex tile to wood transitional flooring means you can surround your most used workstations with easy to clean tile flooring whilst still enjoying all the elegance of a beautiful wood floor.

Making the right kind of entrance

Living in the UK, we’re all accustomed to those inevitable rainy days. As Brits we carry on, but we’re always on the lookout for practical solutions to deal with those bad weather days. Sprucing up your hallway with hex tile to wood transitional flooring means you can not only make a statement entrance for your home, but create the perfect ‘wet zone’ to clear off all those shoes, jackets and brollys. Handy, right?

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