Hygge ideas: 8 tips for every room in your home

Hygge ideas: 8 tips for every room in your home

When it comes to design, is there anyone cooler than the Danes? We’ve long admired their Scandi stylings, so it’s no surprise that so many people are jumping on the ‘hygge’ trend. 

Denmark is consistently top of the polls for the happiest place on earth, and hygge might just be the secret behind their contentment, despite their bleak winters.
What is hygge?

Have you ever enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa in front of a roaring fire or spent an evening with friends discussing all topics, big and small, over a few glasses of wine? 

Well, you may have experienced hygge without even knowing it. 

In the last few years, the Danish concept of “Hygge” (pronounced Hoo-Gah!) has begun to take hold in the UK. It is a concept that is not only hard to say but also very difficult to define. 

The closest way to describe it is as a feeling of cosiness and wellbeing. It is about enjoying the good things in life, with good people.


It is a key part of Danish culture, and often touted as one of the biggest reasons that Denmark is often named amongst one of the happiest nations on earth.

When did the hygge trend start?

Although this word has been in and around Danish literature and culture since the 18th Century, it’s popularity in the UK is quite a new phenomenon. 

With the term being named as the runner-up for word of the year in 2016, we are somewhat lagging behind our Danish friends in terms of practising hygge. 

However, there are some simple elements that you can incorporate to your home in order to embrace that hygge lifestyle. 

What are the main 'hygge' elements in interior design?

The first thing to remember about creating a hygge friendly home is that it is all about the atmosphere. 

With hygge interior design, your sole aim is to create a warm and friendly environment. 

This means thinking about the lighting in a room, the amount and style of furniture you are using, creating cosy spaces for reading or relaxing and making sure you have areas where people can come together to enjoy each other’s company.  

Here are some hygge ideas that will help assist you in building that cosy atmosphere in all the different rooms in your home. 


8 Tips on how to add hygge every room

1. Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Take your cue from nature; it has some innate relaxing and stress-busting ingredients. Although their weather might not always be what we’d consider favourable, the Scandinavians spend a lot of time outside - and this is a key part of hygge. 

When thinking of hygge decorating ideas, always consider where you can add some natural elements like greenery, stone and wood to your space to benefit from the natural world’s calming materials whilst your indoors, too. 

Whether it’s a potted plant or a cabinet made from reclaimed wood, there are plenty of ways to bring the outdoors in to achieve the hygge trend in your home. 

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2. Consider The Lighting

There is no easier way to create that cosy atmosphere than to get your lighting right! Instead of just putting the, often overbearing, overhead light on in a room, have some strategically placed lamps that will give you that warm and snug atmosphere you are looking for. This is especially important in the rooms where you spend time during the evenings, so when coming up with your own hygge living room ideas, consider the lighting first and the rest will follow! 


3. Keep The Flame Alive

Fire is a core element in making a home feel intimate, warm and, well, totally hygge! If you are lucky enough to have an open fire then you are sorted. Stock up on logs, and get ready for a hyggelig time. 

However, if you are amongst the many who don't, fear not, you can still use flames to your advantage. The Danish use more candles than any other nation on earth, and it’s all because of hygge. They don’t need to be fancy, either - plain white, unscented candles are the epitome of hygge. 

If you prefer a scented candle, seek out aromas that will give you that warm and cosy atmosphere that you are looking for, like warm vanilla, fresh pine or calming lavender. 

4. A Simple Life

Clutter is the enemy of wellbeing; it can be overwhelming and create confusion that hinders your ability to relax. Therefore, keep your spaces clear and clutter free. Try to make conscious decisions about what goes in your space; do they have a purpose? Make sure you keep your items to the essentials. This will create a relaxed, clutter-free space that allows you to sit back and unwind when you’re at home. 

Additional storage will also help to create the simple, clean look of a hygge home so invest in some cupboards and baskets, and spend some time getting organised. You will reap the rewards in the years to come! 


5. Soft Colour Scheme

Hygge is about embracing simplicity, and creating a calming atmosphere. In the pursuit of serenity, avoid ‘loud’ colour schemes or bold embellishments and stick to monochrome or subtle tonal shades in your space, whether that’s with walls painted white, or natural-coloured floor tiles.

Colour is another way you can bring the outside in, with shades that mimic those found in nature like greys and blues.

6. Cosy Furnishings

The most important element of hygge is being comfortable! Although Scandinavian design has a reputation for being clean and stark, the overriding concept of hygge ensures that Scandi spaces are just as cosy as they are stylish. 

So, when thinking of ideas for a hygge bedroom, think about ways to layer soft furnishings to create the ultimate retreat from the world. Think chunky knit throws, soft cushions and plenty of rugs. And don’t be afraid to accessorise with a bit of faux fur…


7. Time Together

An essential element of the hygge lifestyle is spending time together. Meal times are the perfect time for this, so it’s important to get yourself a great dining table. Rather than giant parties, you can get more hygge in your life with small gatherings of family and friends, sharing food around the table and switching off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your job as the host doesn’t have to be difficult, either; a few candles on the table, mismatched plates and giant bowls of food to share is the epitome of hygge!

Make room for guests in your home with comfortable seating, blankets and maybe even some spare slippers so you’re ready for a spot of hygge whenever someone drops round.

8. Don’t Forget The Bath

One of the easiest areas to make a big hygge impact is in the bathroom. There is nothing more cosy, relaxing and stress-busting than having a warm bath filled with essential oils. Keep clutter to a minimum in the bathroom so you’re not distracted in your relaxation space, and choose tiles with a natural finish to really get into the spirit. Light some candles and you’ll be in hygge heaven!


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