How to use Mosaics

How to use Mosaics

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Our Mosaics range can create a unique look in any room. Create a feature panel, highlight an area, or use as a border to instantly change your interior space.

Mosaics tiles are small pieces of ceramic, natural stone or glass usually sold in sheets on a mesh backing or paper facing for ease of fixing. They are fixed in exactly the same way as ceramic wall tiles however, with a mosaic you have far more versatility in terms of their use. As they are supplied on a mesh background, they can be cut to size to create thinner borders and focal areas within a tiling design.

Top tip: Double check with the manufacturers instructions that any natural stone

within your mosaic has been pre-treated. If not this will have to be done after fixing.

For more tiling tips and techniques take a look at our 'How to' videos. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration on how to use your mosaics in your interior design.

Revive a dining table.

mosaics-planter Bright and Beautiful Blue Glass Mix

Tile a planter for a themed look.

Add a unique border.

Create a feature splash back.

mosaics-8 Shades of Grey Hammered Glass Shades Of Grey Mix


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