Absolutely Marble-ous: How to Incorporate Marble into the Home

Absolutely Marble-ous: How to Incorporate Marble into the Home

The natural beauty of marble has always been popular, and it’s easy to see why with its unique texture and colourways, formed naturally over time. A touch of marble is the perfect way to add a little bit of tasteful sparkle and luxury to your home, and thanks to the versatility of this material, there are options for every taste and budget.

Nice and Natural

For a contemporary twist on the marble trend, try pairing this chic finish with natural materials like wood, leather and linen. Whether that’s wooden cabinets topped with a marble counter in a simple but stylish kitchen or nature-inspired accessories on top of a marble fireplace.

A Little Luxury

For a truly luxurious look to your home, a combination of marble and metallics will really add the wow factor. Gold or copper fixings in a marble-tiled kitchen is the epitome of elegance and our HD Laurel Hex tiles make the perfect choice to achieve this look! HD in a nutshell, means you can have high definition printed tiles designed to give you that real marble stone look without the high price tag. Great, right?

HD Laurel Hex white marble

Added Accessories

There’s no denying that marble is not the cheapest resource out there, but there are many ways of incorporating this material into your home without breaking the bank. Adding a few key accessories, such as chopping boards, vases or trays is a cost-effective way of upping the luxe factor and making the most of marble.

Keep it Warm

When most of us think of marble, we think of gleaming white, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Marble is available in a variety of shades from neutrals to exotic shades, which mean you can choose any colour which works harmoniously in your home. For something a little different, choose warmer shades of marble to keep things elegant without feeling too austere.

Statement Features

Let the marble do the talking in your interiors, and opt for a statement feature with dramatic flooring, splashback or even a headboard for the bedroom. Using this traditional material in a bold and unusual way will help your interiors stand out from the crowd, and is sure to create a feature that you love for your home.

Feature Floors HD Distinction

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