How to decorate with Geometric Patterns

How to decorate with Geometric Patterns

There’s something very appealing about geometric patterns; these symmetrical patterns have been taking the design world by storm over the past couple of years and the trend shows no sign of abating - and with good reason. For those who like order and balance, geometric patterns are the perfect way to bring a little bit of interest to your home without throwing off your clean, cohesive look. Here’s our top tips for incorporating these stylish patterns into your home… 

A Little Goes A Long Way

Dip your toe into the trend by picking up some soft furnishings with geometric patterns; it’s easy to switch out cushions, curtains and rugs so you can try out the look without committing to a full-scale redecoration. Designs with a white background are the least obtrusive if you’re not ready to be too adventurous; choose a few different cushions with complementary shades in different patterns to really bring this trend to life.

Feature Flooring

Create a bold statement by using geometric patterns on flooring throughout your home. There are endless options to make a feature floor with geometric tiles, like the illusion printed Henry tiles, whether it’s a dramatic entrance hall or an alternative to traditional tiles in the bathroom. Playing with scales and colour schemes will change the overall effect; try larger scale patterns in a small space for a touch of the unexpected or use bold colours for a contemporary feel.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Give your space a professionally styled feel by choosing your colours wisely. Choosing one or two colours to accent your room means the finished product will be cohesive and intentional, rather than eclectic. Whether it’s geometric wallpaper or just a few geometric-inspired accessories, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your chosen colours.

Make a Statement

If you’re feeling brave and bold, try using geometric patterns in more unusual locations to draw the eye. Kitchen splashbacks, breakfast bars and garden paths are all areas of the home that are usually left to fade into the background so try something surprising by decorating these with geometric patterns. When in doubt, monochrome patterns like bertie add a touch of sophistication without dampening the effect.

How are you decorating with geometric patterns in your home?

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