Hexagon tile ideas for your home

Hexagon tile ideas for your home

Everyone loves a classic metro tile, but sometimes you find yourself seeking something with a little more...pop. Geometric patterns are a hugely popular interior trend right now, so it’s no surprise that hexagonal tiles have become a must-have feature for a statement wall or floor.

Why use hexagon tiles?

Hexagon tiles are great for creating an eye-catching wall or floor design in your home without having to commit to bold patterns or colours. Whether used across a whole surface, as a transitional feature or a way to play with colour shades, honeycomb tiles open up a whole world of ideas that go beyond the classic metro.

Playing with patterns

Hexagonal tiles offer great scope for playing with patterns and shapes. The most traditional approach is to tile them straight, with the vertical rows neatly offset from each other, but you can also tip them onto their corner so the rows run horizontally. This is a particularly effective approach for a statement wall piece or mirror, as the corner angles give extra edge to the shape.

Transitional touches

Another popular way to use hexagon tile patterns is on a transitional floor, where you can break up areas of the room by changing up materials and colours. Most transitional floors use hardwood as the starting material, and you can use hexagon floor tiles to create a gradual transition and open up your space.

Transitional floors are a useful way to split sections of an open space with style. Spruce up your hardwood hallway with a statement tile entrance or seamlessly blend your open plan areas by merging hexagonal kitchen tiles with wood floors in your living or dining room.

You can also create more flow by letting your tiled wall run onto a small section of the floor, removing the harsh divide between wall and floor. Hexagonal tiles work perfectly for this as you can create an undulating dividing line, and style by placing accessories like small tables, chairs or plants on top.

Feature flare

Hexagonal tiles are perfect for creating a feature wall - the honeycomb pattern naturally draws the eye, and by utilising contrasting colours and sharp grouting you’ll be able to create an elegant statement that’s impossible to ignore.

You could also use hexagonal tiles to draw attention to a feature piece within the room. Simply lay hexagonal tiles in an open pattern under the piece you’re trying to highlight and voila - an instant showpiece. A must if you have a free-standing bath!

You can also use this technique on your walls to frame a feature; for example around a fireplace or on the back wall of a shower.

Combining colours

One of the simplest ways to style a hexagon tile pattern in your kitchen or bathroom is to decorate the rest of the room in light, neutral colours and add a contrasting dark hexagon floor tile. Or if you’re feeling really bold, introduce a bright or clashing colour into the mix!
You can even play with different colours of hex tile for a more intricate wall or floor pattern. Buy your hex tile in a variety of shades, and mix and match on your wall for a patchwork feel.

Don’t forget about your grout! Coloured grouting is a great understated way to show some extra personality in your design; this works really well with white hexagonal tiles and a contrasting dark grout, or black hexagonal tiles with white. If you want to go all out, opt for a bright coloured grout with your white or marble veined hexagonal tiles.

Stylish splashbacks

Those looking for smaller scale hexagonal tile ideas will love a feature kitchen splashback! Layer a small block of hexagonal tiles above your worktops to create a contemporary geo splashback. If you have a neutral kitchen, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a pop of colour that will give your kitchen a focal point.

Feeling inspired? Browse our hex ranges and bring your hexagon tile design to life!

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