[Guest Blog] 4 alternative uses for a splashback

[Guest Blog] 4 alternative uses for a splashback

This post is a guest blog from Interior Designer/ Stylist/ Writer, Becky Clarke.

In my recent post on using splashbacks to update a kitchen, I discussed the conventional practicalities of having a splashback installed. Well, a splashback can be used in other ways too! Not just in the kitchen. Get inventive with them, here are a few of my own ideas:

#1 - Fit them in the family bathroom

Kids have a habit of splashing water all over the place when they wash their hands. A beautiful and highly practical alternative to tiles behind the basin would be a glass splashback that covers a large area whilst looking stunning – what’s not to love?

#2 - Use on a table top

Splashbacks have smooth edges and are heat resistant, so are safe to be used as a beautiful table protector. Stick a series of felt “feet” (often used on chair legs to protect wooden floors) to the underside so it can’t cause scratches and pop one in the centre of your dining table to make a wipe-clean centre display. It adds colour to a plain space and acts as a giant coaster/trivet so that drinks, plates and serving bowls can be put on top. Use festive colours at Christmas or shimmering metallic for a celebration party.

#3 - Make a coffee table

Handy DIYers could make an amazing coffee table by fitting the glass to a piece of wood to create the top, then adding edging and legs to complete the piece. Alternatively, put the glass on top of a large old coffee table then add mosaic tiles around the edge as necessary to cover the wood. Not only is this an easy way to create something bespoke but it’s incredibly practical as there’s no need for coasters anymore and it’s always lovely to have something completely unique.

#4 - Make a family memo board

A light coloured splashback could be put to great use as a huge memo board. Stick it to the wall where everyone can see it and use write on-wipe off markers to keep track of appointments, shopping lists, and ”to do” reminders.

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