Gorgeous Glass Splashbacks

Gorgeous Glass Splashbacks

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Splashbacks have always been existent in the kitchen, mainly for their functional purpose of protecting the wall behind kitchen surfaces from splashes of water or messy foods from cooking. However they are now used as a creative feature in your kitchen design, by making an eye-catching area.

Adding Splashbacks is a great way to modernise your kitchen, and introduce a sense of the contemporary, without the need of spending a fortune on a full kitchen makeover.

2016 trend predictions illustrate that splashbacks are a major must have, as kitchens are becoming more adventurous in both the colour and design, there is a rise in the use of tiles to create eye-catching splash back feature.

An up and coming popular material choice for a statement splashback is glass. "For those wanting a sleek, streamlined look to their kitchen, glass is a popular choice because it can be fitted in large, seamless panels. They are strong and durable, glass splashbacks are also easy to clean and install." Houzz

Take a look at our eye catching selection of glass splashbacks, from Ted Baker to Impact Glass!

ted baker vintage floral kitchen splashback

Ted Baker ArTile

sparkly black kitchen glass splashback Impact Glass Glamour and Glitz

Impact Glass Glamour and Glitz

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