Georgian Interior Design: 10 Steps to a Gorgeous Georgian Home

Georgian Interior Design: 10 Steps to a Gorgeous Georgian Home

Looking to give your home a touch of elegance? You should consider Georgian interior design! This style has been around for centuries and is still popular today. Here are 10 easy steps to help you create a gorgeous Georgian home.

What was the Georgian period?

The Georgian period is a time in British history that includes the reigns of the first four Hanoverian kings of Great Britain, who were all named George. It covers the years 1714 to 1830 and is named after the last of these kings, George IV. The Georgian period was marked by economic growth and increased international trade, as well as by advances in art, science, and architecture. One of the most notable features of the Georgian period was the rise of the middle class, which helped to lead to a more egalitarian society. The Georgian period was also marked by several major wars, including the Seven Years' War and the Napoleonic Wars. In many ways, the Georgian period laid the groundwork for the Victorian era that followed it.
What were homes like during the Georgian period?

In the Georgian period, homes were designed to be both grand and functional. Large windows allow for plenty of natural light, and high ceilings made rooms feel airy and spacious. Fireplaces were a central feature in many homes, providing heat and light. Furniture was often made of mahogany or other dark woods, and upholstery was heavy and opulent. Curtains were often used to add colour and pattern to a room, and wallpaper was also popular. Although Georgian homes were generally quite formal, they also aimed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for families and guests.

10 steps to a Georgian home

Wooden floors

One of the most popular features of Georgian homes is wood flooring. Wood floors are not only beautiful, but they are also durable and easy to care for. In addition, wood floors add value to your home, making it a wise investment for any homeowner. While real wood floors can be expensive to install, they will last for many years with proper care. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can keep your wood floors looking like new for decades to come. If you are considering wood floors for your home, consider using tiles to better stick to your budget without sacrificing the high-end look only wood can provide.

Carefully placed sculptures and classical wall art

The Georgian era was one of grandeur and elegance, and this is reflected in the architecture of the time. One of the most distinguishing features of Georgian homes is their careful attention to detail. Sculptures and classical wall art are often carefully placed around the entranceway or in the gardens, creating a sense of sophistication and refinement.
In addition, Georgian homes often feature symmetrical designs, with an emphasis on balance and proportion. As a result, these homes have a timeless appeal that continues to be popular even today. If you're looking for a home that exudes elegance and sophistication, then a Georgian home is sure to impress.

Opt for mostly neutral colours and tones

When it comes to colour schemes in Georgian homes, the majority of surface areas would be a neutral shade or tone, such as grey, cream, white or light shades of blue or red. Pale blue tiles are a classic choice for Georgian-style homes as they have a timeless quality that works well with both traditional and modern décor. Pale blue is also a very versatile colour, working well with a range of other colours and tones. For example, it can be used to create a soft, calming effect when paired with pale greens or whites. Alternatively, it can be used to add a touch of elegance to a room when teamed with darker shades such as navy or charcoal. Pale blue tiles are an excellent way to add a touch of class to your home.

Add a splash of colour with red or green

When it comes to Georgian home design, there are a few key elements that are essential to creating the perfect look. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right colours. While white and cream are classic choices, adding a splash of colour can help to bring a space to life. Red and green are two popular choices for Georgian homes. Red is often used for the front door and furnishings, as it symbolises good luck and fortune. Green is a great choice for walls or accents, as it represents growth and prosperity. When used together on a neutral canvas, red and green can create an opulent feel.

Maximise your home’s period features

Alcoves were a popular feature in Georgian homes, and they can be easily incorporated into modern life. Alcoves can be used as reading nooks, display areas for art or as a place to store books and other items. Another period feature that can be maximised is the fireplace. Fireplaces were often the focal point of a room in a Georgian home, and they can still create a stunning focal point today.

In addition to being a source of heat, fireplaces can also add style and character to a room. Finally, consider incorporating some of the home’s original columns into your décor. Columns are an elegant way to add structure to a space, and they can be used to divide a room into different areas.

Use metal accents to add vibrancy

Gold, brass, and copper are all popular choices for metal accents in a Georgian home. Gold is associated with luxury and opulence, making it a perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to any room. Brass has a warm, inviting quality that makes it ideal for creating an inviting entryway or cosy living room.
Copper is a versatile metal that can be used to add both visual interest and functionality to a space. For example, copper light fixtures can add a sophisticated touch to a formal dining room, while copper pots and pans can add both beauty and function to a kitchen. No matter which metal you choose, adding metal accents can help to give your home a sense of vibrancy and personality.

Don’t forget to source an antique mirror

A mirror is an essential part of any home, both for its functional properties and its ability to add light and style to a space. When sourcing a mirror for a Georgian home, it is important to choose one that fits the period. Antique mirrors can be found at estate sales, antique stores, and online auction sites. The frame should be made of wood or metal, with extravagant detailing. The glass should be clear, with no distortion or discolouration. Once you have found the perfect mirror, it can be hung in any room to create instant elegance.

Use an antique glass chandelier for instant impact

For an instant focal point in any room, nothing beats an antique glass chandelier. Whether it's a Georgian-style mansion or a more modern home, a chandelier can add an air of sophistication and elegance. And while they may be pricey, antique glass chandeliers are worth the investment. Not only do they add an instant touch of class, but they're also built to last. With proper care, an antique glass chandelier can last for decades, outlasting even the most fashionable trends. So if you're looking for a timeless way to upgrade your home, consider an antique glass chandelier.

Go for a wooden dining table and chairs

Antique furniture is always in style and adds a touch of elegance to any room. If you're looking for a dining set that will make a statement, go for a wooden table and chairs. Georgian-style furniture is particularly well-suited to formal dining rooms, but it can also work in more casual settings. The key is to choose a design that complements your existing decor.

When it comes to choosing the right wood for your table and chairs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the overall colour scheme of your dining room. If you want a warm and inviting space, opt for woods like cherry or mahogany. For a more modern look, go with lighter woods like maple or birch. Second, think about the level of maintenance you're willing to do. Some woods require more care than others, so be sure to choose something that fits into your lifestyle. With these factors in mind, you're sure to find the perfect set of wooden dining furniture for your home.

Finish the look off with a China vase and fresh flowers

A beautiful home isn't complete without a few finishing touches. One way to add a touch of elegance is to display fresh flowers in a China vase. The combination of delicate porcelain and vibrant blooms is sure to add a touch of refinement to any room. When choosing a vase, be sure to select one that compliments the style of your home. For a Georgian-style home, look for a vase with classic lines and intricate details. Fill the vase with fresh flowers and enjoy the beauty of nature in your own home.


Georgian interior design is all about creating a sense of elegance and sophistication. By choosing the right furniture, accessories, and finishes, you can create a stunning space that is both stylish and welcoming. So if you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, consider incorporating some of these tips into your next decorating project.

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