Freestanding Baths On Trend in Smaller Bathrooms and En-Suites (Bathroom Design Trends)

Freestanding Baths On Trend in Smaller Bathrooms and En-Suites (Bathroom Design Trends)

Freestanding baths have been increasingly popular over the last few years - but a new and exciting trend for 2022 is the appearance of freestanding baths in smaller bathrooms and en-suites.

Freestanding baths offer a sense of luxury and relaxation that is unmatched by any other type of bathtub. Many homeowners feel they give their home a "boutique" look, especially in the ensuite. Freestanding baths will always take up more floor space than a traditional fitted bath/shower combo, but they give the bathroom that spa-like feel without sacrificing much.

Making a freestanding bath work in a smaller space - like an ensuite - is all about careful planning (and a willingness to make adjustments).

Start by looking at different styles of freestanding baths - some are very narrow but deep. Others are very wide and shallow. If you don't have a lot of room, go for the deep tub rather than the one that has more footprint.

Another - bold - approach to fitting a freestanding tub in a smaller ensuite is to consider removing the adjoining wall. Not for everyone, but if you are really going for that boutique hotel look, a freestanding bath where the wall used to be certainly does it!

There are three real challenges when it comes to a freestanding bath:

1) It's impractical to install a shower over bath in almost all cases - that means that while you may be able to fit it in a smaller space, you will likely lose your ensuite shower in the process

2) The size and weight of the tub has the potential to be a problem - as does the potential need to move plumbing around depending on the current layout of your ensuite

3) Some people find freestanding baths awkward to step into and climb over because they're so tall - making it difficult for older people or those with limited mobility
Assuming you are still with us though - and are ready to make your ensuite like a hotel spa - lets talk themes!

Bathe in luxury with the copper bateau model from Catchpole and Rye. This contemporary take on a classic style is the perfect way to transform your bathroom. The hammered copper exterior and sleek design make this bath a statement piece, while the deep bathing well provides unrivalled comfort.

We would pair this with blue tiles like the Ledbury Marina Blue to add a touch of vintage-inspired elegance to your ensuite. Made in Spain, these beautiful tiles are perfect for walls and floors alike, and are sure to make a statement in your bathroom.
Red Bath and Grey Tiles

Looking for something special in a bathroom tub? We love this bold red freestanding bath from Beliani  – a beautiful, contemporary piece that adds elegance and comfort to any bathroom. Made of sanitary acrylic with a glossy red surface, this tub is easy to clean and perfect for modern décor bathrooms. Plus, the curvaceous contours offer an incredibly comfortable bathing experience. 

We would pair this with grey bathroom tiles like the Kingsley Grey to get a sharp contrast while really letting the red pop!
For more inspiration on tiles to pair with any freestanding bath check out our whole range of bathroom tiles.

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