Have you got the delicate touch?

Have you got the delicate touch?

Minimalist living, inspired by the Scandinavians, has become a common sight in the last couple of years and we can see why. It’s so simple to achieve, looks great and more importantly, it’s easy to personalise to suit your style.

Beginning with a blank canvas, you can set the tone for your whole home with plenty of room for delicate touches in the form of colour and texture.

A touch of colour

Colour is a powerful tool that fuels our emotions without us ever being aware. The colour schemes we use in the home reflect on us, and so to add delicate touches we must add delicate colours.

Pale greys, pastel blues, lilacs and even nudes are all associated with calm and relaxation, making them our go-to choices for subtle decor. For those who lean towards current trends, millennial pink is the colour of the moment. With a retro-kitsch feel first embodied by Wes Anderson in his 2014 movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, millennial pink is one colour that has caught the eyes of the design world ever since.

Less is definitely more when it comes to adding subtleties, so we’d recommend choosing one colour and a few shade variations to add depth and interest. The addition of light greys and nudes will complement and balance your overall look and feel, creating a thoroughly calm and serene surrounding.

Ted Baker TacTile

British Ceramic Tile Luna

A touch of texture

Texture isn’t just about what you can touch, it’s about what you can see too. A little added structure in the form of tiles, wallpaper, furnishings, ornaments and more, can really bring a room to life.

Large white spaces on a wall can be overbearing, so breaking them up with textured tiles like the Ted Baker TacTile let’s the eye relax and wander freely. Raised tile surfaces are great for adding warmth and subtle tonal differences too; the Luna tile is a classic example of this. Textured tiles can easily be mixed and matched with flat surfaces, making them perfect for creating subtle decorative features.

Let’s not forget about the smaller finishings too! Soft furnishings in the form of velvet cushions and oversized knitted blankets combine both comfort and texture in one. Throw in some handmade ceramics, wax candles and hanging plants, and you’ve got the opportunity to build on your chosen colour whilst still adding key focal points in the room.

No matter what your style, there are so many ways to add your own unique delicate touches to the home. All you need is a little colour and texture.

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