Conran and Partners

Conran and Partners

This post is now over a year old, so certain aspects of this post may no longer be correct or relevant.

House of British Ceramic Tile’s collaboration with Studio Conran has produced a truly British collection, designed and made here in the UK. Trace, by Studio Conran, blends contemporary design with an on-trend colour palette, which is coupled with strong structural forms and tactile design. “Trace is a collection of three dimensional patterned tiles inspired by the archetypes of nature and brought to life through touch, light and movement.” Design Week

The collection is comprised of Fractal, Linea and Tactile. Each family is individual, with its own distinctive style, yet draws upon a central contemporary colour palette.


With its distinguishing scoops and gentle peaks, creating three-dimensional shapes, the Fractal family uses light to add a dynamic and textural quality to any room.

Studio Conran Putty Ridge Studio Conran Fractal Ridge tiles

Ridge features a uniform, grid-like pattern of soft peaks and is finished with a gloss finish that subtly reflects light.

Studio Conran Facet Poise Studio Conran Fractal Facet tiles

The second tile in the Fractal family is Facet, with a geometric surface pattern; it lends itself to the creation of a three-dimensional look that changes with light and perspective as you move around a room.


The Linea range is inspired by nature with strong structures and raised tile surfaces softened through a neutral colour palette.

Studio Conran Point Black Studio Conran Linea Point tiles

The Point tile is inspired by traces of water, using droplets of deep gloss glaze over a rich satin tile to create the feeling of running water. The finished result is surprisingly subtle, with a loose yet linear pattern that is highlighted as light falls upon it.

1.-Conran-Flow-v3-RT Studio Conran Linea Flow tiles

Flow is the second tile in the Linea collection, taking its influence from the linear structures that occur in nature. Softened by the irregularity of hand drawn lines, the tile is finished using a satin glaze to accentuate the depth of the tiles structure.


studio-conran-hartland-plum-straight Studio Conran Tactile Hartland tiles

Hartland tile, with its rugged arrangement of small, angled squares is influenced by the crystalline structure of mineral deposits. The end result being a glamorous, contemporary tile that adds texture to any wall. The 25x40cm Hartland tile is now available in; Black, White, Putty, Plum and Poise and can be teamed with a plain floor tile in the same size and colour.

Create a striking, cutting-edge look that doesn't have to be confined to just the kitchen or bathroom with Tiles by Studio Conran.  


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