Don't match the grout! 5 ways to use coloured grout in your home

Don't match the grout! 5 ways to use coloured grout in your home

When it comes to interior design, what colour grout you should use isn't usually a number one priority.

But, I'm sure you'll all agree that it's one of the most time consuming and strenuous parts of the tiling process.

So why not make that part one of the most exciting?

A current trend spicing up the grout scene is to use coloured or glitter grout. 

Might sound garish or a bit out there, but it can really take your design to the next level if you do it right. 

Whether you want to incorporate a subtle pop of colour, or make it the focal point of your design, coloured grout is in and you must check it out!

Here are five ways we love to use coloured grout with tiles to give you some inspiration.

1. White metro tiles + coloured tiles = bliss

Take something as simple as a white metro tile, add coloured grout and give it that ‘Je ne sais quoi’. This works so well because it's not the usual white or black grout that's usually used with white metro tiles. It's bold, striking and fresh.

2. Swap the tile and grout colours around the room

If your room is blending two complementary or contrasting colours together, a great way to use coloured grout is to mirror the colour of one tile with the grout of the other.

Below, we have a green tile / white grout combo on the feature wall with the other walls complementing the design with a white tile / green grout combo.

3. Match the grout to features in the room

Another timeless tip is to match the grout to other aspects of your design. Think of taps, lights, towels etc. Anything that's in the room as a feature piece is perfect - your options are endless.

With copper fittings and fixtures and fittings being a popular choice at the moment, the image below shows how to use copper grout to match the industrial feature tap over the bath.

4. Try two-tone grout

We've looked at matching other tile colours or pieces in the room - why not use two colour grouts on the same wall? The example below shows how an intricate pattern can be made using well-cut hexagonal tiles combined with grey and yellow grout.

5. Go all out! Don’t let the grout stop you

If you want a statement bathroom or kitchen - mix together some of the tips above? The bathroom below doubles down on the copper theme with copper mosaic tiles, matching grout and complementary accessories.

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