Clawfoot Bathtubs in for 2022 (Bathroom Design Trends)

Clawfoot Bathtubs in for 2022 (Bathroom Design Trends)

Clawfoot baths were a status symbol for wealthy Victorian homeowners because they were a mark of luxury and social standing. Their designs were intricate, with long, sloping backs and ornate feet.

While these ornate baths may have a long history, we are seeing a real resurgence in their use because of their sheer durability. We are certainly seeing many more builders and interior designers opting for these baths today - presumably because of the handy blend of luxury and practicality.

So if you're looking for a beautiful and durable bathtub, the clawfoot bath may be the right choice for you!

We have picked just three of our favourite examples - with a range of price points:

The Aston Matthews Luxor is a freestanding bathtub made from cast iron. It is available primed and ready for finishing in any paint colour, and it can be married with modern taps to create a unique look. The Luxor is the epitome of luxury and a perfect centre point in any bathroom. Aston Matthews is a long-standing retailer of traditional and contemporary bathrooms in London. They have been in Essex Road, Islington since 1823, and they offer a wide range of clawfoot baths, freestanding baths, and other bathroom fixtures.

The Washington Clawfoot Bath from Claybrook is a cast iron bathtub with an enamel interior. This makes it ideal for heat retention, providing a longer soak for the bather. It comes with ball and claw cast iron feet, pre-painted in mid-French grey, and feet painted in soft white. It can be ordered with or without tap holes, depending on your tap mounting choice.

The Spey from Drummonds is a luxurious cast iron bathtub that is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their bathroom. The tub is named after the Scottish river, and it comes with beautiful ball and claw feet that raise it up and give it a commanding stature. The large roll-top edges provide supreme comfort, making this tub perfect for relaxing in after a long day. Drummonds was created in 1988 by Drummond Shaw, who was restoring a period property and couldn't find genuine antique architectural pieces.

Any one of these clawfoot tubs would seem completely at home in a luxury family bathroom. We think these elegant accessories would work well with an equally luxurious selection of bathroom floor and wall tiles.

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