Bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors in

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If you're a fan of the outdoors you can reflect this love of nature through the decor inside your home. Autumn is approaching so what better way to prolong our love of summer than bringing the outdoors in. The outdoors has a natural appeal to humans. The sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed, calm, and one with the earth.

To bring the calming elements of the outdoors inside, your choice in colour palette must be natural. Green’s are reminiscent of the earth, grass and plants. Blues represent a refreshing feel like water and the sky. Yellows provide a sense of freshness, like the sun and fresh flowers. Neutral tones such as whites, tans and beige’s are essential to make your interiors feel natural, and clean.

Elements such as rocks, shells, jars of beach sand, wood, and straw can be incorporated in your interiors to create this look.

We have a stunning selection of tile ranges here at British Ceramic Tile, that will contribute towards bringing this relaxing look into your home.

BCT28680-Feature-Floors-Walk-in-the-Park Feature Floor Walk in the Park

HD-Rustic-wood-effect HD Rustic Wood

BCT28697-Feature-Floors-Infinity-v2 Feature Floors Infinity

HD-SLATE-OYSTER_LR HD Splitface Oyster

BCT28666-Feature-Floors-Stepping-Stones Feature Floors Stepping Stones 

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