Bold Bathroom Colours and Designs

Bold Bathroom Colours and Designs

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom the design and colour are, in my opinion, the most important features of the whole room. 

Making a bold statement doesn't have to be all about the bath or shower enclosure. 

If you’ve not chosen the right colour or style to showcase these investment pieces the room can be left feeling a bit lackluster. 

Taking the plunge into a bold colour or design can be a bit daunting; especially if you're more familiar with a muted colour palette. 

Bathroom colour and décor schemes, just like any bathroom trends change with the seasons

However, picking the right shade will give you a bathroom that stays on trend for years.

A bold bathroom design choice needn't be scary. 

Read on for our favourites and how you can incorporate these into your own bathroom.

Primary Colours

Red, Blue or Yellow are often colours associated with a children's playroom and not a bathroom. However, choosing these in your bathroom décor gives you bags of potential in terms of bold design choices. A nautical theme often combines navy blue and a bright red and yellow make the perfect bold combination whilst yellow and blue imitate the shades of the beach. Remember, don’t be afraid of teaming bold colours together. Contrasting tiles or patterned wallpapers are a great way of getting both shades incorporated into the room.

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Geometric Prints

Geometric tiles have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Ideal for use on either the floor or walls of your bathroom and a smart choice for smaller bathrooms as they help to create the illusion of space. A bold pattern can be monochrome, shades of grey or if you’re feeling bold a mixture of colours but most importantly they must make your eyes go squiffy if you look at it for too long!

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Purple Rain

Purple has been a huge colour in home décor this year, thanks partly to Pantone announcing ’Ultra Violet’ as the Colour of 2018. The on-trend shade of purple is deep and rich, a colour pallet that works perfectly with hints of brushed or polished chrome and intricately detailed mirrors. A bathroom featuring this shade certainly exudes luxury and opulence.

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Metro tiles, especially in a crisp white have been a trend continuing to emerge. Despite their historic origins, being known as the look of tube and subways in London and New York, they are best suited to modern and contemporary bathrooms. With flexibility in terms of how you position the tiles, vertical or horizontal, the modern Metro tile gives an immaculate finish.

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Pretty in Pink

Pink is a colour that has seen a surge in popularity recently, especially in home décor. The named millennial pink, which is a mix between a salmon and cotton candy is the shade everybody is now drawn to. Use to contrast with greys and blacks or alternatively using the same shade of pink throughout, will leave you with an Instagram worthy bathroom that will have everyone double tapping.

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Mixed Patterns

Why stick to just one pattern or colour? If you fancy some floral with some metro tiles, or some stripes and geometric tiles, go for it! More is definitely more with this look! Mixing designs is a great way to get everything you want, even if your bathroom is a little on the small side. The mixed patterns will make the room feel cosy and a mixture of colours will add depth. If you're choosing mixed designs and colours remember to keep your bathroom suite white, to balance the room.

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Mellow Yellow

Yellow is often a colour chosen for kitchens over bathrooms, but who wouldn’t want to head straight to a bright and sunny bathroom first thing every day!? Even the smallest splash of yellow can lift the entire room. Think towels, shower curtain and mats. Bright colours work best when combined with a neutral backdrop, so think white and stone for your walls. It really is an instant mood booster!

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Mosaic Tiles

A mosaic tile instantly adds life and character to what is otherwise a sterile environment. A style that is suited to both floors and walls, making it ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms alike. A mosaic pattern is a great way of incorporating multiple tones of the same shade within the room. Which in turn, makes accessorising a doddle! Whether you choose a vivid shade such as blues or greens or varying tones of stone, mosaic adds dimension.

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Do you have any of these bold designs in your own bathroom? Which look is your favourite?

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