The Best of British Interior Design – What People Really Think

The Best of British Interior Design – What People Really Think

Forget extravagant bachelor pads and minimalist, elegant design. When it comes to celebrity style, we want a house like Jamie Oliver’s. At least that’s what the British public told us when we asked them whose home décor they admire most. Turns out the lived in, homely look, with a just touch of shabby-chic is a firm favourite for UK style spotters. Not only that, we quizzed them on who personifies British style, who’s responsible for redecorating in their house, and which luxury home addition they’d go for if money and space were no object… The results are in, and they might just raise an eyebrow!

Location, Location, Location

It may not come as a surprise that London was voted the most style-conscious city in the UK, but would you have predicted a 50% landslide victory? Our nation’s capital was not-so-closely followed by runners-up Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Design Icons

Britain’s design icons have a distinctively royal flavour, with the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, voted in as the epitome of British design, followed closely by King of Fashion David Beckham, and runway royalty menswear designer Paul Smith. And when it comes to architecture, Buckingham Palace shooed away The Shard, York Minster and Edinburgh Castle to be crowned Britain’s most iconic building.

Gender Gap

Of the 1000 people we asked, we found that men and women hold equal responsibility when it comes to pulling on those overalls and getting practical. Redecorating the house is a 50/50 split. But when it comes to interior design duties, a whopping 70% of women make the decisions over only 30% of men who get a say. When asked what extra room they’d like to add to their home, almost 21% of men plumped for a Games Room, while for 24% of women a walk-in wardrobe would do nicely.

Big Mistakes

History is plagued with questionable design trends, but which was the most reviled? Britain voted leopard print soft furnishing’s their absolute least fave, with taxidermy scoring highly too. The bathroom proved to be the biggest crime scene, with avocado bathroom suites, doilies for toilet roll, fuzzy loo seat covers and shag pile carpet all named as offenders.

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