Beautiful 36 Foot Roman Mosaic Discovered in Cyprus

Beautiful 36 Foot Roman Mosaic Discovered in Cyprus

Now, we love a good mosaic, but this really does take the biscuit! A team of archeologists have discovered a stunning piece of history just outside the capital city of Nicosia. A mosaic floor, believed to have belonged to a Roman nobleman during their rule of Cyprus, which depicts scenes of chariot races.

The unbelievable find has been dated back to the 4th century and is one of seven in known existence. The mosaic is in remarkably good condition and is incredibly detailed, the four chariots that can be clearly made out are believed to be representative of the four factions that competed in ancient Rome. A very old school Premier League table if you will!

The inscriptions that can be seen beside each of the charioteers is believed to be the names of the riders and horses.  

Marina Leronymidou, Director of the Department of Antiques commented: “It is an extremely important finding, because of the technique and because of the theme… It is unique in Cyprus since the presence of this mosaic floor in a remote inland area provides important new information on that period in Cyprus and adds to our knowledge of the use of mosaic floors on the island.”

Amazingly, a small piece of decorated floor was first discovered in the area by a farmer in 1939, however, full-fledged digging hadn’t started for decades due to work on other sites. Unlike many of the findings in Cyprus this piece was found inland, whereas most others had been in coastal areas/ This has led experts to believe that there’s more to the history of inland Cyprus than had previously been thought.

Mosaic floor

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