Jungle fever: 3 ways to bring the tropical trend into your bathroom

Jungle fever: 3 ways to bring the tropical trend into your bathroom

Even though we may not get much tropical weather here in the UK, there's no reason why we can’t bring a touch of exotic styling to our bathrooms.

Vibrant greens as well as tropical palm patterns and prints have been a key trend for a few years now, and the look is set to stay popular throughout 2018 and beyond. 

If you love luxuriant foliage, palm prints, and bright emerald shades, the tropical look is sure to be perfect for you.

So, if you’re looking for a bathroom overhaul, why not let your décor transport you to sunnier climes? 

We've shared three ways you can bring this exotic trend into your home, including tips on tiling, textiles, and accessories, as well as expert advice on finding houseplants that will turn your bathroom into a lush oasis of relaxation.

1. Bring the jungle inside with houseplants

Credit: @restoringlansdowne

All those hot showers and baths can make our bathrooms warm, damp, and humid places to be. So, if you want a bathroom that's flooded with vibrant colour, you'll need to find plants that will thrive in a humid environment.

Fortunately for you, this sort of atmosphere tends to be the perfect place to grow tropical varieties.

Bathroom friendly plants

"Large-fronded palm plants and ferns are a perfect fit for the tropical look, and will flourish in most bathrooms," explains Nicky Roeber, an Online Horticultural Expert with Wyevale Garden Centres. "So, you'll want to look for varieties like the Boston fern or butterfly palm, which will stand up to the humid conditions of a bath or wet room."

Best for bigger bathrooms: Monstera deliciosa

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"If you're lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, and you can afford to use up a bit more space, a large potted plant will really add to the exotic rainforest feel. A plant with huge, luxuriant leaves, like monstera deliciosa (a.k.a. The Swiss Cheese plant), will look perfect in a dark green pot or wicker basket. 

But be warned: while this plant is fairly low-maintenance, it can grow very rapidly, so it’s not for the faint-hearted or those with tiny bathrooms.

Favourites for smaller spaces

If you’re working with a compact or ensuite bathroom, smaller plants will add a pop of tropical colour without taking over the space. Aloe Vera has a distinctly exotic look and, as the plant has a number of skin and haircare benefits, it makes a great choice for the bathroom: you can even use the gel from its leaves to soothe sunburn.

2. Choose tiling in tropical shades

Featured: Ted Baker Paradise Tiles

Your tiling is one of the most essential parts of your bathroom, so choose yours with care. 

Vivid emerald or jade tiles will bring a tropical look to a shower or bath: we're especially obsessed with styles that have a slightly metallic lustre at the moment. 

Just remember that, with a look as bold as this one, you've got to be careful not to go overboard. While we love striking green tiling, it can end up looking a tad kitschy if overused, especially when combined with tropical prints, plants and accessories. 

So, when using green tiles in your decor, you'll want to surround them with minimalist white or light grey walls for balance.

If you love the tropical trend, but you think that too much green tiling could end up looking OTT, try a muted grey tile with an exotic print or pattern, instead.

Our Ted Baker tiling features a paradise-inspired tropical print, and comes in varying shades of grey for a muted patchwork effect. Try accessorising your new tiles with some palm-print towels and lush houseplants for an understated, but still distinctively tropical, look.

3. Add some finishing touches

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Our bathrooms should be welcoming, restorative spaces where we can unwind and revive ourselves at the end of a long day. 

So, once you've picked out your tiling and colour scheme, you'll need to dress your space with some accessories and soft furnishings to make it even more inviting: after all, no bathroom is complete without some luxurious towels to wrap up in after a relaxing bath or shower.

Palm print textiles are a hot interior trend at the moment, so a set of towels, blinds, or even a shower curtain offer an easy way to bring the look into your bathroom: we're obsessed with these palm leaves shower curtains from Zazzle. 

Or, if you’re worried that you’re going a bit OTT with the greenery, you could even accessorise your space with some animal print bath towels, which will act as a bold counterpoint to a green and white colour scheme.

The light, airy feel of wicker furniture and baskets makes them a stylish addition to a tropical space so, when adding the finishing touches to your bathroom area, look for laundry baskets, storage units, furniture and accessories in a woven rattan finish. 

Rattan is a type of wood that originates from the tropical climate of Southeast Asia, so it's the ideal material for a humid area like the bathroom. Plus, the earthy brown wood will provide balance in a green-heavy colour scheme.

Bringing it home

If your bathroom could do with an overhaul, these simple yet stylish updates are sure to do the trick. 

When designing your jungle-inspired bathroom, remember to look for tiling in bright emerald greens, or with exotic detailing and patterns. 

Accessories in airy rattans will complete the look, while a few vibrant house plants will fill your bathroom with life. Just take these simple style tips on board, and you'll soon have a luxurious tropical bathroom that you'll love spending time in.

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