5 Ways to Get More Hygge In Your Life

5 Ways to Get More Hygge In Your Life

When it comes to design, is there anyone cooler than the Danes? 

We’ve long admired their Scandi stylings, so we’re not surprised that so many people are jumping on the ‘hygge’ trend. 

Denmark is consistently top of the polls for the happiest place on earth, and hygge might just be the secret behind their contentment, despite their bleak winters. 

There’s no direct English translation for the word, but roughly it means creating a feeling of cosiness, joy and wellbeing in your life - and in your home. 

Here are our top five ways to get a little more hygge in your space…

1. Use Soft Lighting

The Danish use more candles than any other nation on earth, and it’s all because of hygge. 

Rather than using harsh overhead lighting, when the nights start drawing in during the winter, the Danes turn to candlelight and lamps to create a cosy, warm mood in their homes. 

They don’t need to be fancy, either - plain white, unscented candles are the epitome of hygge.

2. Cosy Furnishings

The most important element of hygge is being comfortable! 

Although Scandinavian design has a reputation for being clean and stark, the overriding concept of hygge ensures that Scandi spaces are just as cosy as they are stylish. 

Think chunky knit throws, soft cushions and plenty of rugs. And don’t be afraid to accessorise with a bit of faux fur…

3. Natural Finishings

Although their weather might not always be what we’d consider favourable, the Scandinavians spend a lot of time outside - and this is a key part of hygge. 

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air, followed by a well-earned cup of cocoa, is there? 

Bring the outside in with natural finishes like unfinished wood and slate or stone tiles to remind you of the joy of being outdoors.


4. Soft Colour Scheme

Hygge is about embracing simplicity, and creating a calming atmosphere. 

In the pursuit of serenity, avoid ‘loud’ colour schemes or bold embellishments and stick to monochrome or subtle tonal shades in your space, whether that’s with walls painted white, or natural-coloured floor tiles. 

Colour is another way you can bring the outside in, with shades that mimic those found in nature like greys and blues.

5. Family and Friends

A key component in getting more hygge in your life is to promote togetherness, with small gatherings of family and friends, sharing food and switching off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Remind yourself of this with simple photographs and momentos throughout your space, and make room for guests with extra comfortable seating, blankets and maybe even some spare slippers so you’re ready for a spot of hygge whenever someone drops round.

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