3 Steps to Master the Shabby Chic Look

3 Steps to Master the Shabby Chic Look

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the shabby chic look is and continues to be one of the most popular interior trends around. It’s homely yet elegant; posh but friendly and, of course, easy to make your own with a few unique touches here and there. 

With its notable character and warmth, shabby chic is one look you can’t go wrong with in the home. Nevertheless, here’s our top tips for mastering this iconic interior trend...

The basics of shabby chic

Beginning with a light backdrop, you can build out your own shabby chic look with accents of your favourite pastel colours. From pinks and purples to blues and greens, you can mix and match or stick with one preferred theme throughout instead. 

Neutral pastel shades will result in a traditional shabby chic look, with more vibrant shades bringing a boho twist to the room. A little or a lot, it’s entirely up to you when it comes to colour.

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Make a statement with furniture

You’ve picked your colours, now it’s time to layer up the aesthetics and bring this trend to life.

Statement furniture that draws attention is a great place to start. Be sure to keep a lookout for vintage pieces that you can upcycle and incorporate your colours into. The key rule here being that it doesn't have to be vintage, but it does help if your furniture looks subtly worn in – wood is the perfect texture for this! From dining tables and bookcases to drawers and shelves, the options are endless.

No matter what room you’re working with, just remember it’s not about adding clutter, but instead building and styling up practical pieces of furniture for your home.

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Don't forget the tiles 

Whilst a lot of trends call for clean, consistent lines and contemporary textures, the shabby chic look favours the more ‘hand-made with love’ feel.

For rooms where tiles are essential, rustic brick veneers or wood-effect tiles like our Feature Floors Parquet make the perfect choice for capturing a warm and homely feel. 

Feature Floors Parquet

Looking to add a spot of colour to your walls? The Laura Ashley Artisan is available in a choice of pastel shades ideal for mixing and matching or coordinating with the rest of your room. With its handcrafted feel and vintage-inspired design, it was made for the shabby chic trend.

Laura Ashley Artisan

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